San Pedro.


The community of San Pedro is a semi-urban community that belongs to the district of Quillota and is located approximately 2 kilometers from the San Isidro Plant. It is comprised of around 8,000 people clustered into neighborhood councils for advancement, sports clubs, senior citizen clubs, and other social organizations. Ever since the installation of the San Isidro Plant II in 2007, they have been beneficiaries of the San Pedro Funds as a commitment of the RCA for a 10-year period. According to the community, these resources allowed them to have the most basic elements required by any community to survive, from neighborhood centers to posts, bus stops, and speed bumps, as well as pavement and lighting of streets.

In this vein, the community suggests that if it hadn’t been for Enel's support, they would be living in much worse conditions, because they assure they have been neglected by the Municipality of Quillota and other authorities. In many occasions, this also makes them feel as if they are not part of the district and they identify more with Limache, and even the possibility of creating a new district.


Creating value in and for the territory in which it is present is the focus of the sustainability model applied by Enel in the places where it has operations. With this objective in mind, throughout 2017 there was an intense effort between the community of San Pedro, belonging to the district of Quillota, and the sustainability and community relations team on site, which made it possible to define a Sustainability Plan for the next 10 years.

The primary value of this Sustainability Plan is that it was defined jointly with the community, thereby allowing a number of local wishes to be fulfilled which have a direct relation with Enel's business, such as efficient lighting and self-generation projects, as well as the environmental operation and management of the San Isidro Plant. Thus, this Plan has become a path to moving forward with the development of the community.

Far from being aid-based contributions, there is an awareness of the value of implementing sustainable projects that allow skills to be taught and which benefit the entire community, a belief that was solidified during the year of work and implementation of the Sustainability tools that Enel applies. Thus, an agreement was signed involving the annual contribution of $45 million Chilean pesos between 2017-2026. During the first two effective years of the agreement, meaning 2017 and 2018, and for which resources are delivered in 2018 and 2019, respectively, the San Pedro Grant Funds Program will be funded for an annual amount of $5 million Chilean pesos, with which projects from different local organizations participating in the contest will be implemented, and energy efficiency projects will be implemented with the remaining $40 million.

From 2019 until 2026 (delivered in 2020 to 2027), all of the resources will be used to fund sustainable projects defined jointly between the company and the community.

  • The projects to be funded by the San Pedro Grant Funds Program during 2017 and 2017, and for which the resources will be delivered in 2018 and 2019, respectively, must meet the following requirements:
    • All non-profit community, functional, and territorial organizations that belong to the town of San Pedro, who can accredit their validity and registration, may apply.
    • Infrastructure projects (property: repairs and improvements of community spaces, public spaces, security, etc.) and Equipment projects (Movable assets in general: implementation of sites, public and community spaces, organizations, etc.) will be funded.
    • Three project quotes must be presented for cases that entail the purchase of assets or contracting and execution of works.
    • The project will be approved by a commission comprised of representatives from the company and the board of directors from the Neighborhood Council Association of San Pedro.
    • The projects must fulfill each item from the terms defined between both parties, and which are attached as an integral part of these terms of agreement.
  • Additionally, the sustainability projects defined for the first three years of the Plan are:
    • Visit program to the San Isidro Plant to see how emission measurement is carried out as well as industrial waste management.
    • Participatory installation of a clean point in San Pedro, defining its location and administration model jointly with the community. In a 3-year period.
    • Beginning in 2018, a 3-year program for lighting with LED technology in 10 public spaces of San Pedro that are currently dark zones, thereby contributing to the promotion of the care for public spaces and the development of energy efficiency. The community will define and prioritize the location of the 10 points and will consider urban and rural areas.
    • Beginning in 2018, a 3-year program for the installation of photovoltaic panels for self-generation in 5 zones of interest and public use in San Pedro, thereby contributing to ensuring a continuous energy supply and reducing the costs of consumption while promoting NCRE and energy efficiency. The community will define and prioritize 5 places.

Once these 15 first initiatives have been implemented, new sustainable projects will be defined through a technical panel comprised of 5 community representatives and 2 company representatives, which was mandated by the broader community for this purpose.