The result of the model is a circularity index, whose calculation is based upon the combination of two components:

  • Flow circularity, considers the origin and destination of the materials and energy in the phases of:

> Input (percentage of matter and energy of renewable or non-renewable origin, recycled, reused, etc.).

> Output (percentage of matter and energy going to upcycling, recycling, reuse, or unrecovered waste).

  • Use circularity, considers the increase in the utilization factor and the life of the asset, either by extending its life cycle or by applying the "shared use platforms" and "product as a service" pillars.


Through measuring the circularity index, it will be easier to assess the success and effectiveness of the circular economy.

Starting 2020, this model was incorporated into the MIMA environmental management platform, in order to measure the circularity of the operation of solar and wind renewable energy plants, along with the measurement of environmental footprints.