Taltal, a community rife with history and vocation


History of the community:

Located 230 kilometers south of Antofagasta, Taltal is a district with great historical, archaeological, ecological, and gastronomical value, and its economic activity is linked to mining and the extraction of marine products.

Humans have had a presence in Taltal since pre-Hispanic times. One of the greatest discoveries made recently is the mining of iron oxide at the San Ramón mine found north of Taltal. This task was presumably carried out by the Huentelauquén culture who inhabited its surrounding areas over 12,000 years ago, representing the oldest mining activity in Chile and the Americas, and one of the oldest that is known of in the world.

Taltal was founded on July 12, 1858, as a result of Supreme Decree No. 91, signed by former president of Chile Manuel Montt Torres to use the town as a port. After this, he would discover the sector of Aguas Blancas to the east of Caleta El Cobre, but even so, he kept the priority on copper mining, and his discoveries of Caleta El Cobre, Canchas, Gentil, and Matancillas stand out.

Today, the city seeks to develop itself as a tourist hub and benefit from the infrastructure of its nearby beaches and coves to be able to welcome visiting tourists or people passing through in the best conditions possible.


Photo Workshop and Contest:

A photo contest geared towards elementary students from 4 schools in Taltal is being launched to develop the artistic and imaginative sides of students.

The project involves a photo workshop and contest that will be held in person at four schools in the district. The aim of the workshop will be to teach photography techniques and it will include a guided outing through a tourist and heritage route in Taltal. This outing will afford the participants the opportunity to take photos of landscapes, flora, fauna, architecture, or items that reflect the identity, culture, traditions, or local surroundings of Taltal.

After collecting all this material, the students can submit their photos to the contest, which will have two winners’ categories: from 12 to 14 years old and from 15 to 16.

The workshop/contest will be held in person at 4 schools in Taltal, where participant registration will be done.

There is also an exhibition of all the participating photos which will be done in a space provided by the municipality of Taltal and in the company’s corporate building in Santiago.

Education Program on Renewable Energy:

From an energy standpoint, renewable energy is one of the essential investments for providing future generations with a better world. We believe it is important for younger generations to grow up adopting energy sustainability concepts from a school age, especially if they live close to a generation plant. This is why we are holding workshops with theoretical and practical modules in partnership with the Taltal Technical High School. Here, the students will experience the application of theory while developing a technological project that includes a small-scale solar energy system, beginning with its design and up to its installation.

This project will be implemented in accordance with the needs of a primary school in the district of Taltal, where it will take place. In so doing, the aim is to educate and motivate the students so that they convey the importance of the use of renewable energy to the youngest generations, and they show them how renewable energy can be used to solve daily problems.