People management, development and motivation

Targets and challenges


  • Enel Chile is composed of 2,219 employees, which are located in the companies Enel Chile, Enel X Chile, Enel Generación Chile, Enel Green Power Chile and Enel Distribución Chile.
  • 23.1% female participation.
  • 126,218 hours of training, with an average of 58 hours per employee.
  • 4.6% internal mobility.
  • 4.3% turnover rate.
  • 1,856 workers working remotely.
  • Nine collective bargaining agreements, six of them early.
  • Implementation of the Total Rewarding process to value employee performance.
  • Implementation of the process of professional redefinition and labor reinsertion of Bocamina I employees, in the context of energy transition. Oriented to 28 workers, in support for the continuity of their careers and in compensation and economic support.
  • Support for the physical and mental wellbeing of Enel Chile workers.
  • Adherence to the Valuable 500 global initiative, to promote and leverage the business, social and economic value of people with disabilities worldwide.
  • Participation in the Equal by 30 global campaign for gender equality.