Institutional Transparency

Enel Chile constantly manages relationships with local, national and international institutions, following the criteria of the Compliance program, Criminal Risk Prevention Model and all its components; providing complete and transparent information so that the institutions have the best conditions for decision making under their responsibility.

The activities with institutions are registered and controlled according to Law 20,730 in force in Chile, maintaining procedures and internal manuals of mandatory compliance for any worker, manager or eventual contractors that relate with public officials or members of public institutions in their daily activities.

During 2022, Enel Chile continued to be part of multiple trade and business associations. In addition, it developed a management model that allows control and transparency of meetings with authorities, as well as a procedure that regulates the relationship with these entities and another that frames the relationship with the authority.

 Contributions over the last four years (millions of Chilean pesos) (1)(2)
2019 2020 2021 2022
M$844 M$1,048 M$927 M$1,212

(1) Enel Chile and its subsidiaries have not made any contribution related to lobbying, interest representation or similar, political campaigns / support to organizations / contributions to local, regional or national candidates or others (for example, expenses related to ballot measures or referendums), in compliance with Law 20,900, as well as the Group's internal policies.

(2) Data coverage corresponds to 100% as a percentage of revenues for the five years.

Within the total monetary contributions, the three most important were to the Chilean Association of Generators (Ch$ 435 million), through its subsidiary Enel Generación Chile; to the Chilean Association of Electricity Companies (Ch$ 202 million), through its subsidiary Enel Distribución Chile; and to the Chilean Institute of Rational Business Administration (ICARE) (Ch$ 82 million), through Enel Chile.

The institutional dialogue of trade and business associations in which Enel Chile or its subsidiaries engaged in 2022, considered the support to regulatory and consultation processes on the following main topics:

  • Development of energy policies: the contribution made to this topic in 2022 was Ch$ 678,909,802.
  • Increasing business competitiveness: the contribution made to this topic in 2022 was Ch$ 532,760,325.


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