1. Innovation Ambassadors

Because our workers play a fundamental role in our daily work of generating, distributing, and storing energy for the country, we have promoted de program called Innovation Ambassadors, creating a network of people from the company’s different areas with the goal of influencing, expanding, and developing the culture of innovation throughout all levels of the organization.

The network’s objective is to enhance voluntary collaboration, cross-sector cooperation, and active participation in innovation at all levels of the organization and in all areas of the company.

We shall now introduce our Innovation Ambassadors, and thank them for their tireless work at our company:

Name Business Line
Sandra Carolina Ogaz Guzmán Innovability
Katherine Mallorga Vargas Innovaviliby
María Elizabeth López Mondaca Power Generation
José Maron Tapia Energy and Commodity Management
Karla Sepúlveda Maertens Procurement
David Acevedo Hernández People and Oragization
Pablo Galdames Venegas Power Generation
Osvaldo Álvarez Bobadilla Global Digital Solutions
Sidney Mora Stock Global Digital Solutions
Manuel Rojas Valenzuela Security
Nelson Ulloa Quintana Global Digital Solutions
Daniela Guerra Urriola Infraestrucure and Networks
Fabián Saldaña Beltrán Power Generation
Bernardino Camousseigt Montovilo Power Generation
Fabián Serradell Días Power Generation
Ana Valeska Pesse Davis Power Generation
Carmen San Juan Saavedra Innovation & Sustainability
Katherine Camiruaga Muñoz Enel X
Alejandro Vásquez Guzmán Energy and Commodity Management
María Fernanda Martínez Valdebenito Infraestrucure and Networks

2. Make it Happen

Corporate entrepreneurship program that sets out to incentivize workers to submit original ideas that may meet commercial needs (new business) and operational needs (improvement ideas).

This program is spearheaded by the People and Organization and Innovation area, and is designed to provide space for capacities to experiment and share new ideas amongst all Enel workers around the world, built on the firm belief that everyone at Enel is determined to accelerate the process of innovation and transformation. The program is backed with expert support at each stage in the process, with risk capital and working hours to experiment and accelerate projects.

3. Community 60 minutes of innovation: SHAKERS!

Systematic and collaborative meeting program, whose objective is to inspire and sow the creative and innovative seed within the organization, along with supporting the dissemination of the culture of innovation. Every week the Community is invited to participate in talks, workshops, discussions on topics that promote divergent thinking, personal growth, technologies and avant-garde, technical and technological knowledge, among others.

4. Woman Innovation Lab

A space to contribute to professional development and leadership by women through innovation: this is the goal of the Woman Innovation Lab (WIL). This active community of more than 130 women was launched in June 2019, with the goal of using its three principles - sisterhood, empowerment, and mobility (action) - it seeks to empower of women at Enel and contribute to the fifth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG5): Gender Equity.

5. Enel Creactive Space, stimulating creative ideas for the future.

Enel CREAcTIVE Space Santiago is a place to stimulate our divergent thinking, encouraging people to get outside the box, get involved, cooperate, open themselves to new ideas, new points of view, new perspectives, and partnerships, and to experience sensations. Experience, methodologies, and paradigms in continuous evolution.

Enel CREAcTIVE Space Santiago is a place where groups of people:

  • Create and experiment with solutions that support methodologies that bolster and encourage INNOVATION!
  • Compare experiences and share best practices, with support from methodologies for COLLABORATION!
  • Learn about innovation and sustainability, training in methodologies that help find alternative pathways to logic: KNOWLEDGE!