Creating Shared Value Project (CSV)

Work Streams:

Energy – access, quality and equity (see more)

Multidimensional Poverty Variable:

Housing and surroundings

KPI y Results

2020 Beneficiaries: 270

This project directly contributes to the well-being of the Maule Power Plants´ neighbors where a significant part of the country´s hydraulic energy is generated, this way eliminating barriers to accessing a continuous electricity supply. Today, local inhabitants will not only be able to access electricity 24 hours a day, but they will also consume renewable energy from the hydraulic power plants that Enel operates in the basin. For decades, the energy they used came from small generators that are run on fossil fuels that, apart from creating air population from the emissions, also led to noise pollution in a pristine sector of the Maule Mountain Range.

Once the infrastructure and supply administration and management model are established, community members will pay Enel from their generation assets for their electricity consumption.