Creating Shared Value Project (CSV)

Work Streams:

Climate change and natural resource conservation (see more)

Multidimensional poverty variable:

Housing and surroundings

KPI and Results 2020

Water saving (m3): 654,000

Liquid industrial waste not discharged (m3): 1,484,430

This project guarantees increased water availability in the basin for different potential uses, such as human consumption and irrigation for agriculture.

It also permits us to purchase water from external wells, an increased use of water from our own wells – with a high concentration of sulfates, since liquid industrial waste is no longer discharged into the Aconcagua River.

Remediation of water quality in our own wells as this water is extracted from the area of the aquifer’s highest concentration naturally replacing  the water that has been used and  contributing to a decrease in the concentration of sulfates.

In short, we no longer rely exclusively on external suppliers for the supply of water for the San Isidro operations. We have also reduced our internal consumption of water used for cooling. We contribute to a more rational and efficient use of the water in the context of the country's drought.