Together with communities,  towards energy transformation  

The energy transition process involves a joint transformation of the country moving forwards to  sustainable development in energy generation, distribution and uses. Enel Chile´s goal  is to build a common path with all the stakeholders towards a sustainable progress, so that no one is left behind during the implementation of this important procedure.

For the identification and subsequent definition of sustainability actions, we consider the scenario at the Americas level, taking as main inputs for the definition of our community engagement strategy the most important social challenges of each country, such as multidimensional poverty, energy vulnerability and climate crisis. To this end, we have established five lines of work adapted to the realities of each territory where the Company is present, linked to the United Nations SDGs.

Within these lines of work we have targets in relation to projects related to SDGs 4, 7 and 8.

Líneas de trabajo

Within the framework of Education for sustainable development we focus on promoting and disseminating educational content in the STEM line, with a clear gender focus, motivated by expanding the universe of young people who choose to study this type of career, especially girls and women. We want to help reduce the gender gap that exists in our sector and encourage more and more women to join the energy transition.

In the context Energy: access, quality, security and efficiency of the just energy transition roadmap and with the objective of reducing the gaps that determine conditions of energy poverty, we are working to improve access, quality and equity of electricity supply, improving the quality of life of families.

For Economic Development with Local Identity and Green Jobs. In the economic sphere, we strengthen the financial autonomy and prosperity of communities by collaborating with them and involving the authorities, the private sector and civil society. We promote initiatives that contribute to the development of knowledge on renewable energies, in the logic of extending the opportunities offered by the energy transition to the inhabitants of the territories where we are present, so that they become part of the workforce of the energy transition, not only in the world of renewables, but also in the other stages of the energy value chain.

We address the multidimensional poverty gap by providing solutions to improve habitability, road connectivity, basic services and the environment of the communities. We also work on the recovery of public spaces and the development of community infrastructure to improve the quality of life of the communities around our operations in the aspect of Housing, service, surroundings.

In addition, we work on the recovery of public spaces and the development of community infrastructure to improve the quality of life of the communities around our operations.

In the area Climate change and natural resource conservation of work, and through our "Planet" line, we contribute to addressing the main challenge facing society as a whole: the climate crisis. In this approach, we consider water resource management, biodiversity conservation and waste and materials management through their valorization.

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For more information visit the Enel Chile 2022 Sustainability Report.

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Innovation and sustainability for a brighter future. Enel Chile, through its subsidiaries, generates and distributes the energy that moves our country in a close relationship of trust with the communities.

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