Together with communities,  towards energy transformation  

The energy transition process involves a joint transformation of the country moving forwards to  sustainable development in energy generation, distribution and uses. Enel Chile´s goal  is to build a common path with all the stakeholders towards a sustainable progress, so that no one is left behind during the implementation of this important procedure.

Considering the local reality in all its dimensions, with the various gaps around multidimensional and energy poverty, has allowed the company to focus its work on strengthening the resilience of local communities, their empowerment and access to tools, which enable their development in line with their own vision, culture and reality, and thus confirm its commitment to work on addressing this phenomenon in all its dimensions; access, equity and quality.

At the core of the Company's management during 2021 has been working with communities, authorities, the private sector and civil society for economic recovery, particularly for entrepreneurs.

The SVC (Shared Value Creation) model allows us to understand how gaps are translated and shaped at local and territorial levels, allowing the Company to focus its work on addressing the needs and priorities of the direct environment where each operation is located.

Based on this analysis, Enel Chile has oriented its work in line with three SDGs, which are directly related to its purpose and the needs of the communities in the territories.

Enel Chile's commitment is reflected in its Sustainability Plan, in which people, and specifically the community, are key players in advancing electrification based on clean energy.

 Through its renewable energy projects under construction, during 2021, Enel Chile created on average more than 5,200 jobs, of which 64% corresponded to people from the same regions in which these projects have been located. Likewise, in the same year, Enel Distribución Chile generated more than 350 jobs in the Metropolitan Region.

All the projects throughout the country involve a total of more than 275 projects and accumulate to 2021 more than 400,000 people benefited.

Communities around plants

Innovation and sustainability for a brighter future. Enel Chile, through its subsidiaries, generates and distributes the energy that moves our country in a close relationship of trust with the communities.

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