Together with communities,  towards energy transformation  

The energy transition process involves a joint transformation of the country moving forwards to  sustainable development in energy generation, distribution and uses. Enel Chile´s goal  is to build a common path with all the stakeholders towards a sustainable progress, so that no one is left behind during the implementation of this important procedure.

Considering local reality with all its dimensions, with the various gaps related to  multidimensional and energy poverty, together with the country's vulnerability in face of the climate crisis, provides us with a systemic and cross-cutting view of the main challenges that we can contribute by seeking synergies between social and corporate development.

The SVC (Shared Value Creation) model allows us to understand how gaps are translated and shaped at local and territorial levels, allowing the Company to focus its work on addressing the needs and priorities of the direct environment where each operation is located.

Based on this analysis, Enel Chile has defined five lines of work: (i) education for sustainable development; (ii) economic development with local identity and green jobs; (iii) access, quality and energy equity; (iv) housing, services and surroundings,  and, (v) climate change and natural resource conservation.

2020 and the global health emergency required general solidarity of actions to respond to the immediate needs that would permit   vulnerable communities most profoundly affected by the pandemic to deal with the crisis and to address quarantine restrictions. Based on this national reality, many of the immediate actions were philanthropic in nature. And in relation to the above,  the distribution of projects by type reflects an increase in initiatives which accounted for 7% of the total, while projects classified as SVC accounted for 8% while Corporate Social Responsibility-focused projects accounted for 85%.

Altogether, we have  implemented 254 projects with more than 400,000 beneficiaries.

Communities around plants

Innovation and sustainability for a brighter future. Enel Chile, through its subsidiaries, generates and distributes the energy that moves our country in a close relationship of trust with the communities.

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