Creating Shared Value

The CSV model requires annual planning in each area where Enel Chile and its subsidiaries operate, based on the following analyses:

  • Socio-economic-environmental context of each influence area.
  • From stakeholders.
  • Materiality, prioritizing the main issues  relevant to the business and territory.

The action plan resulting from this process is co-designed and agreed on with communities and other stakeholders.

During 2022, we implemented the CSV model in all our assets in operation, both in the development and construction stages. This translates into 89 total deployments across our different lines of business.

For the identification and subsequent definition of sustainability actions, we consider the scenario at the Americas level, taking as main inputs for the definition of our community engagement strategy the most important social challenges of each country, such as multidimensional poverty, energy vulnerability and climate crisis. To this end, we have established five lines of work adapted to the realities of each territory where the Company is present, linked to the United Nations SDGs.

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