Enel's Power Plants in Chile

The generation business, developed through our subsidiaries Enel Generación Chile and Enel Green Power Chile, has a total gross installed capacity of 8,086[1] MW as of September 30, 2022. The generation assets are diversified, with a focus on renewable energies, which represent 74% of Enel Chile's installed capacity. Thus, 3,518 MW correspond to hydroelectric generation units, 2,083 MW to thermal power plants that operate with gas or oil, 1,762 MW to solar plants, 642 MW to wind generation units and 81 MW to geothermal capacity.

[1] Includes 441 MW of additional capacity during the first nine months of 2022. Additional capacity: when the first wind turbine/photovoltaic field circuit is connected to the grid and starts producing energy and all wind turbine/photovoltaic field circuits are completed electromechanically. The capacity to be declared as "additional" refers to the electromechanical rated capacity completed.

Types of Plants Solar, Wind and Geothermal    Hydroelectric    Thermoelectric