Mapa área de concesión de Enel Distribución Chile

In line with our Group's strategy and Enel Distribución Chile's Sustainability Plan we are committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. With this in mind, we have established a relation  with more than 80 communities and 33 municipalities in 2020, understanding that for Enel, the objective of a fair energy transition not only involves a shift  in the way energy is generated, distributed, and used, but also represents  important changes in the role  companies  must play in the creation of shared value that promotes the economic and social development of all stakeholders.

Taking into consideration  the identification of priority issues for our communities, including operational impact mitigation,  long-term relationship based on collaboration and the reduction of toxic emissions, and after aligning them with the Company's strategic priorities, Enel Distribución Chile has  created a Territorial Sustainability Plan for the 2021-2023 period. The Plan integrates projects aimed at reducing energy poverty gaps , improving quality, safety and efficiency   of energy uses.   We also wish to promote global education within our communities, delivering knowledge and raising climate change awareness and, finally, supporting the economic recovery and employability of community members, understanding the new scenario imposed on  us by the pandemic.

Many of the actions implemented  by Enel in recent years  has led to improved  relations with  communities thanks  to our collaboration with  different  associations.