Switching from Firewood to Electricity

Published on Tuesday, 20 June 2023

Gloria González Caro – resident of Buin.

“I care for my bedridden parents, so I decided to take part in the replacement to protect their health and that of my whole family. It has been spectacular. We have cleaner air inside the house in winter, and everything is warm.”

– Gloria González Caro – resident of Buin.

More than 17,000 Chilean households have already benefited from this program, representing more than 64,000 people who now enjoy a better quality of life regarding heating.

Stopping burning wood and switching to electricity significantly changed people's daily lives. In addition to substantially reducing indoor pollution, it eliminates the smell of smoke and the dangers of fires and burns associated with using charcoal braziers. Likewise, burning stoves all day meant a high cost, and leaving them unattended or operating at night was highly unsafe.

“The use of electricity is healthier because it causes less pollution. We are thrilled, and for the same reason, I advised my son and brother to enroll in the program since my nephews suffer from chronic asthma, and the firewood and smoke were terrible for them. My relatives' experience has been as good as mine, so we have also recommended it to several neighbors.”

– Gloria González Caro – resident of Buin.

The Enel X program is also available for industries and companies in sectors affected by current environmental regulations. Our company has participated in working groups with governmental entities and shared relevant information to promote implementing these changes throughout Chile. For example, our company participated in the "National Pilot of Electric Residential Heating," promoted by the Chilean Agency for Energy Sustainability, the Technological Development Corporation, and In-Data.

Wood-burning stoves that have been replaced by electric stoves

In addition to all its benefits, this program has proven to be an effective tool for reducing economic uncertainty associated with heating, and its results align with the Enel Group's commitment to decarbonization and electrification of heating. Enel X will continue to expand its positive impact throughout the community.