"La Colonia": Solar energy for homes in the Metropolitan Region

Published on Thursday, 23 February 2023

“We have a nurtured portfolio of functioning projects and eight under construction. In addition, we expect to continue with our business vision and invest in the PMGD segment to double our installed capacity today, 84 MW.”

– Andrés Assar, Head of Business Developers, Enel.

Integrating the circular economy

Another advantage of the Small Means of Distributed Generation is the possibility of shifting the focus and integrating the circular economy’s principles and benefits from the early stages of project development.

One of the activities exemplifying the circular economy’s integration into the PMGD is "Solar Grazing," an initiative that Enel Green Power has already implemented in plants of this format in the regions of Ñuble and Maule. There, 50 sheep have been allowed to be in charge of maintaining the photovoltaic parks' grass, feeding freely on the grass that grows around the panels. In this way, the local communities surrounding the projects benefit from livestock feed, while the plants avoid using machinery and personnel for land clearing.

Partners for renewable development

For Ronald Malavé, Im2 Solar's engineering manager, the alliance with Enel Green Power in the PMGD portfolio has been critical to its entry into the local market, which required them to adopt quality standards to operate together.

Malavé is optimistic about the future of energy generation in Chile, describing that the joint path with Enel Green Power is adequate to what the future demands and is also in line with the Chilean government's decarbonization policy.

“We align with Enel Green Power that this is the way forward in Chile.”

– Ronald Malavé, Engineering Manager of Im2.

Over the next few years, Enel Green Power and IM2 Solar plan to continue growing together in this particular segment.