Trainees in renewable energy plants: the beginning of a dream

Published on Thursday, 23 February 2023

“Since I started this position, I've supported interns, working with them to evaluate their work and opening constant spaces for reflection on the how and why of each situation. Those are the most enriching instances because they mix the inevitable emotional and affective containment given to a person entering a new world.”

– Vanessa Munizaga - Head of HSEQ Hydro Chile

In addition, Vanessa highlights the rapid learning capacity of the new generations, which impressively associates concepts and technological tools, thus optimizing the induction time for some tasks. Likewise, we value young people's fresh view of things, sometimes managing to detect details that go unnoticed by the more trained and having the ability to propose new ideas and solutions without an experience bias.

We find an excellent example of how dreams can begin in a renewable energy plant near Copiapó. Four women who graduated as Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technicians did their technical internship at the Carrera Pinto, Chañares, and Diego de Almagro solar plants. Their testimonies fill us with pride.

They are Giuliana Campbell, Sofía Bordoli, Ana Mostacedo, and Paula Honorio, the latter two of Bolivian nationality, who developed a fundamental value during their internship. In addition to learning about the operation and maintenance of the generation equipment present in photovoltaic plants, they understood in the field what the main priority is: safety.

Cristian Aguilar, the O&M Supervisor at the Carrera Pinto Solar Power Plant, was the students' guide during their internship, transmitting the most relevant concepts of this power plant operation. 

“Although the four interns arrived with some trepidation, as it was their first work experience, they integrated quickly and well into their work teams. They contributed their knowledge and always showed a willingness to learn from the plant's most experienced people, especially in the safety aspects that are a priority for us.”

– Cristian Aguilar, O&M Supervisor at the Carrera Pinto Solar Plant.

We believe in the energy of young people

At Enel, we bridge gaps because the country's electrification needs everyone's energy, talent, and contribution. 

“We are an open-door company, linked to the "Open Power" principles, that is why, within the concept of just energy transition, we invite people living in local communities to be part of our plants.”

– Leonardo Araya, Head of Sustainability and Community Relations North Enel Chile.

If we also look at the numbers between male and female interns are positive, highlighting that equality is growing within the organization, while the gender gap is narrowing: between memoirists, interns, professional interns, and technical interns, to date, we have a total of 160 students, of which 64 are women.

Breaking down obstacles so that opportunities are fairer for everyone is one of the reasons that motivate Enel to welcome interns, trainees, and internship students. For this reason, it carries out activities in preparation to receive them and provide them with a positive and enriching experience.

Being where young people begin to dream of successful careers in the energy world is a source of pride and great responsibility. Still, above all, it inspires us to continue providing development opportunities to more people.

Discover here the internship opportunities we have for students, graduates, and young professionals.