Enel Generación: Innovation and Operational Efficiency for a Sustainable Future

Published on Monday, 22 May 2023

“The Sustainable Plants program responds to a global Enel initiative for energy generation in operating plants. It is an integrated management model that links community relations, environmental impacts, and operation and maintenance work in all generation plants with all the managed technologies.”

– explains Pablo

The program stands on six fundamental pillars: efficiency in water use, material recycling, community relationship, biodiversity protection, emissions reduction, and improved efficiency in energy generation. Each plant must implement concrete actions related to these pillars to be considered sustainable.

Enel Generación has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability through innovative actions. "I would highlight two winning ideas at the global level," Nicole points out. "One is to install QR codes on solar panels to improve maintenance management. The other innovative idea is installing solar panels on the pillars of wind turbine towers, which allows us to generate hybrid energy without taking up more surface area".

The "Sustainable Plants" program is not Enel's only effort to promote sustainability. The "Power G" program also seeks to identify and promote good practices throughout the Enel Generación organization. "Chile and Argentina submitted around 2,900 initiatives last year," says Pablo. "Of these, 17 received awards depending on the category. Then, we participated globally and received three awards in Chile this year".

One of the main advantages of sustainable plants is their positive impact on people's quality of life. Nicole stresses that this not only benefits nearby communities but also plant workers. "People living near a plant feel confident not to be exposed to pollution and that the company's environmental commitment," she explains. In addition, employees experience a safer work environment and greater task efficiency.

One of the critical challenges for Enel Generación in the future is maintaining long-term sustainability. "It is important that small actions become visible to investors", says Pablo. "We want them to see that Enel is a company committed to the energy transition and is taking concrete steps in that direction. We have achieved decarbonization, but our goal is to continue to drive renewables and remain visible and competitive in the market".

“We are committed to sustainably. It is not just a buzzword for us. We seek to reduce emissions, water use, and energy in every project we develop. Our programs aimed to meet sustainability's fundamental principles and ensure balanced development, not compromising the essentials of future generations.”

– adds Nicole

Enel Generación, through programs such as "Sustainable Plants" and "Power G," is leading towards more sustainable energy generation. By implementing innovations and a commitment to continuous improvement, the company demonstrates that it can balance energy progress with environmental and social responsibility.

The future of sustainable energy depends on concrete actions and collaboration between companies, communities, and governments. Enel Generación is paving the way and setting an inspiring example for the energy industry worldwide.