Priority material issues

The following is a description of the priority issues for both stakeholders and the Company, which are addressed in  Enel Chile Sustainability Report 2021.

  1. Health and safety: Enel Chile has an Integrated Management System that is applied to each of the business lines. By virtue of its commitment to safety, its objective is to achieve "Zero Accidents" in both Enel workers and contractors, for which it is key to promote a safety culture. For this purpose, there is a work plan for the next three years, which is updated every year, implementing actions framed in 4 pillars: Operational control, Digitalization and analysis of processes, Culture and training, and Safety culture. In this sense, each of the Company's decisions is focused on the permanent protection of people's health, always with a preventive approach aimed at minimizing risks.
  2. Decarbonization of the energy matrix: Climate change is currently one of the main challenges that humanity must face. For this reason, Enel Chile continues to advance in the development of its strategy to contribute to climate action, such as the disconnection of coal-fired units and the development of new renewable capacity. The company even took a step further in the decarbonization of its energy matrix, also contributing to the fulfillment of the Enel Group's goal for its plan to reduce direct CO2 emissions. This commitment generated an important impact on the environment, since Enel Chile became the first Chilean electric company to generate and carry out a plan to reduce direct CO2 emissions in its generation operations, being one of the first companies within the Selective Stock Price Index (IPSA) to consider and execute a plan of this type as part of its strategy. 
  3. Commitment to the customer: Enel Chile focuses its business model on the customer. Through its business strategy it seeks to satisfy their needs by offering affordable products and services based on clean energy, all the while promoting an efficient and sustainable use of energy. By taking advantage of the technological evolution to provide citizens with direct energy management tools, the Company seeks to change the role of the consumer to a more proactive role of "prosumer". Likewise, for Enel Chile the quality of the relationship with the consumer is essential and in line with this, offers several channels for an effective and fair communication with its customers.
  4. Good governance and corporate conduct: Enel Chile has a solid corporate governance structure, which operates under principles of transparency and ethical conduct, allowing it to achieve ambitious goals and mitigating governance risks. The Company operates in accordance with the most rigorous international standards and national regulations. The governance structure is constructed in such a way as to allow oversight of the impact of operations, to create value for all its stakeholders. The Board of Directors is the main governing body, leading the company's strategy and decision-making.
  5. Engaging local and global communities: The Company operates under a sustainable business model, which establishes as its main axes the social, environmental and governance areas, including the economic one, in all the territories where it is present, with the objective of continuously creating value for all its stakeholders. To this end, it is essential to generate instances of participation, transparency and inclusion, and to jointly design sustainable solutions to the demands and needs of the communities with an understanding of the territorial context.