Priority material issues

The following is a description of the priority issues for both stakeholders and the Company, which are addressed in  Enel Chile Sustainability Report 2022.

  1. Health and safety: Enel Chile we have an Integrated Management System in line with our objective of reaching the goal of "Zero Accidents" for our employees and contractors. For this, we permanently promote a safety culture and we have a work plan focused on four pillars: operational control, digitization and analysis of processes, culture and training, and safety culture. All our decisions are focused on the permanent safekeeping of people's health, always with a preventive approach aimed at minimizing risks.
  2. Decarbonization of the energy matrix: climate change is currently one of the main challenges humanity must face. We have made progress in the decarbonization of our energy mix and in the development of new renewable capacities. Our commitment has had a significant impact on the environment, as we became the first Chilean electric 
  3. Commitment to the customer: Enel Chile  consistently seek to satisfy our customers' needs, by providing them with affordable products and services based on clean energy. We promote the efficient and sustainable use of energy, taking advantage of technological developments to provide citizens with tools that enable them to directly manage energy and changing the role of the consumer to a more active and prominent one. Likewise, the quality of the relationship we establish with them is a primary objective for us, for this reason we have several channels to maintain an effective and fair communication with our customers.


Double Materiality Concept

To ensure a double materiality vision, at Enel Chile we consider both impact materiality and financial materiality.

We analyzed negative impacts according to their significance in terms of severity and likelihood, in the case of potential impacts. We assessed positive impacts according to their significance, their scope and their direct and indirect contribution to the SDGs, in line with our commitments and with respect for management tools put in place to monitor the targets set.