Enel Distribución Chile's material topics

  • Occupational health and safety: for Enel Distribución Chile and its stakeholders, the occupational health and safety of employees, contractors, and stakeholders in general is a priority for the performance and continuity of service, which became more relevant than ever during the pandemic. For this reason, Enel Distribución Chile embraces best practices on governance, strategy, and procedures to detect and prevent situations that could jeopardize the safety and health of internal and external workers.
  • Customer focus: the Company targets its business strategy towards satisfying the needs of its customers, placing quality relationships with them at the forefront of its strategy. As meeting the needs of customers is paramount, the evolution of technology has led the Company to provide citizens with direct energy management tools, changing the role of the consumer to a more proactive role as a “prosumer”.
  • Sustainable supply chain: Enel Distribución Chile seeks to share a common purpose with its suppliers, through clear and transparent relations in which ESG issues are integrated, the boost of circular economy and the promotion of good practices are fundamental pillars in management.