International Women's Day

Published on Monday, 8 March 2021

Alejandra Pereira, Enel Distribución

When you decide on your career path, you should feel passionate about your field of study or the company you choose to work with. You should feel dedicated to your work regardless of whether it is a field that has been typically dominated by "men or women." Once you have done that, everything flows. Taking part, sharing experiences and insight, voicing your opinions, feeling confident, and taking the plunge are critical to the learning experience, leadership, and growth. We will see more women leaders in the energy sector who contribute to the future development of our country!

Catalina González, Enel Chile

Women have brought more color, warmth, meticulousness, and greater organizational skills to the workplace while at the same time, a little more finesse. Perhaps they also have a more balanced way of reaching consensus in negotiations because they can perceive detail beyond the cold, complex numbers and explain what can only be said in words. Contrary to what most people think, many women do like numbers and are systematic and organized, have good analytical skills, and work well under pressure.

Karla Zapata, Enel X

Innovation is change. It is movement. It is a permanent challenge. Women identify well with the world of innovation. We live it in our daily lives in our roles as mothers and wives, but also at work, where we increasingly have to lead teams and projects that seek profitability for the business and have the responsibility to leave a legacy for future generations. We have that sixth sense of close attention to detail, going one step further and closely following and guaranteeing processes in the same way that we do at home with our families.

Natalia Correa, Enel Chile

There is an urgent need to take action, and the circular economy is one solution. It is a fascinating area to work in. It requires knowledge of the technical, biological, material, and business cycles. However, more importantly, it requires a lot of courage, solidarity, and diversity of thought. I want to mention two leading women in the circular economy. The first is the Economist Kate Raworth, who came up with the Donut Theory. Also, Ellen Macarthur sailed around the world and works to motivate new generations to rethink, redesign and build a more circular future. They have demonstrated outstanding skills and courage to push this paradigm shift toward a future free of waste, just as nature has done for thousands of years.

Javiera Muñoz, Enel Distribución

We are on the right track, but we still have a lot of work to do. Today, the importance of women's roles as mothers, wives, daughters, and friends is more recognized and valued than ever before. However, it is still difficult for us to level the playing field. We have to constantly "prove" our worth in male-dominated fields and show that it is not always essential to have formal technical training to achieve good results. Often, better communication, organization, planning, and teamwork are enough. But above all, we need to forget the gender differences, which are often just "follies" of the system. I am convinced that in the short term, we will stop asking what role women can play in the energy market and start asking what leadership roles we can play.

Susana Rey, Enel Chile

Women have been gaining ground and filling essential leadership roles in recent years, and I do not doubt that this trend will continue. There is a lot more scope to continue contributing to the energy sector. We will see significant development and opportunities in many areas, including renewable energy, electromobility, energy efficiency, and green hydrogen. I am sure that we will be able to take advantage of these opportunities both in the technical and managerial areas.