Enel Distribución presents Winter 2021 Plan along with Metropolitan Regional mayor

Published on Thursday, 13 May 2021

  • Company installs 250 additional telecommand devices, reaching a total of 2,456 at the end of May, which will reduce supply recovery times when there is an interruption to service.
  • In coordination with the different municipalities in its concession area, the company will clear vegetation around 2,453 kilometers of medium and low voltage electricity lines, to avoid outages caused by falling trees or branches on the power lines.
  • Customer service and care tools implemented including: the new customer service channel via WhatsApp; the latest version of the Enel Clientes App; the new Chatbot virtual assistant on the website; the telephone self-service option, and client recognition from their RUT ID numbers -when previously registered - instead of having to request their client service number.


Santiago, May 13, 2021 - Enel Distribución has implemented its “Winter Plan 2021” to help it act in a coordinated manner in the case of potential weather events that could affect the operation of the electricity system during the winter months. The plan consists of a series of contingency measures, both technical and for customer service channels, to be taken in Covid-19-related situations affecting the country.

During a meeting held at Enel Distribución's System Operations Center (COS), which respected all the health and safety protocols, Enel Distribución's general manager Ramón Castañeda shared the measures with Felipe Guevara, Mayor of the Metropolitan Region.

Also connecting virtually, company workers went into more detail about the Winter 2021 Plan.

Putting the circumstances of Covid-19 front and center, Enel has prepared for the winter months by reinforcing health and safety measures that are designed to ensure operational continuity and customer service. At the same time, the company has highlighted the key role its workers play in serving the public.

“The Winter Plan was developed by putting into practice a series of measures that enable the company to order act in a timely manner when emergencies occur. All electrical systems, especially overhead power lines, are exposed to possible failures in adverse weather conditions. This year we are taking the pandemic into account as we prepare for this winter, reinforcing health and security measures that we have adopted to ensure the continuity of operations and customer service,” said Enel Distribución's general manager Ramón Castañeda.

“We are launching the Winter 2021 Plan, a series of measures that we have drawn up in coordination with private companies and different public institutions. We hope that, despite unexpected meteorological events, we can ensure continuity of the electricity supply and, in the event of outages, that the companies in charge can restore power as quickly as possible. I hope that we will see the fruits of all the effort that we have made during spring and summer so that this winter we will have a stable and constant electricity supply, which is such an important basic necessity in our lives,” said Felipe Guevara, Mayor of the Metropolitan Region.

When weather events are forecast and there is the possibility that this could affect regular electricity service, Enel puts all of its approximately 1,000 technical and customer service staff on alert to deal with any potential contingency measures.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the company scrambles crews that are prepared to carry out repair work both in the city and in remote areas such as the Andes foothills.

In addition, the company has specialized teams trained to attend to the homes of electro-dependent patients whose lives may depend on a constant energy supply. Faced with the high probability of severe weather, Enel delivers portable electricity generators in advance to the homes of registered customers.

Winter Plan 2021:

Enel Distribución has a permanent action plan in place designed to minimize any possible impact on the network or its customers. The initiative includes increasing the number of remote telecommand devices to allow the electrical network to be operated remotely or automatically. Some 250 additional devices will be installed this year, bringing the total to 2,456 at the end of May.

The company also has a pruning plan that includes clearing vegetation near electrical power lines to avoid trees or large branches from falling and causing outages.

In coordination with the different municipalities, Enel Distribución will clear vegetation in the vicinity of 2,453 kilometers of medium and low voltage power lines. Enel Transmission will prune trees along 354 kilometers of high voltage lines, reaching an estimated 49,060 MV/LV and 2,500 HV pruning points, respectively.

Likewise, the company will carry out periodic area checks and other checks done on foot that aim to detect weak points in the electrical system ahead of time to prevent potential service interruptions. At the end of May, Enel Transmission carried out an aerial inspection of 167 kilometers of high voltage and more than 1,233 kilometers of medium voltage lines using state-of-the-art technology namely: high-resolution cameras; thermographic equipment and three-dimensional network monitoring capture systems mounted on helicopters, drones or mobile mapping devices. In addition, Enel inspected, on foot, more than 1,220 kilometers of MV lines, while Enel Transmission inspected more than 262 kilometers of the HV network.

Enel has also modified or increased the capacity of transformers, as well as renovated and extended electrical power infrastructure on 110 kilometers of low voltage networks.

With regard to customer service and information, Enel has implemented customer service and care tools, such as the new customer service WhatsApp channel number +56994447606. Other measures include the new version of the Enel Clientes App, the new Chatbot virtual assistant on the website and customer service via social media and other digital tools. All of this is designed to optimize the flow of information to users.

For the telephone self-service option, clients will now be recognized from their RUT ID numbers, when previously registered, instead of having to request their client service number. This new option provides a faster and more effective service experience. To use this new functionality, it is very important that customers update their information on the company's different service channels.

When there are interruptions to power supply, Enel provides online updates through its different information platforms, such as Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR), and provides access to georeferenced maps, which show the affected areas by unexpected and programmed power cuts.

Enel is proactive in updating its online power cuts map on its website, which shows graphic and geo-referenced scheduled outages and disconnections with their respective estimated times of restoration (ETR). Enel also sends text messages to customers who have provided their contact details, informing them of when service interruptions occur, what the ETR is, and when the outage has been resolved.

The company has increased the use of natural language recognition in its telephone self-service assistance as well as improving the self-service experience in general. Both of these measures allow customers to obtain account information and report electrical emergencies. Also, on the company's Sucursal Casera (local branch) page on the company's website, customers can quickly and easily find information and, pay bills and check billing information.

Enel Distribución also has a special service policy for homes with electro-dependent patients. It currently has an updated registry of 2,042 electro-dependents with contact details of the patients and their guardians.

The company has more than 400 portable home generators and lithium batteries for priority cases, which are allocated to and installed in the homes of these patients to avoid any issues arising from problems with the electricity supply. Registered electro-dependent patients enjoy preferential telephone assistance on our priority customer service platforms where staff coordinate directly with the technical staff and field workers to resolve problems.

Enel Distribución reiterates its call to the relatives or guardians of electro-dependent people to register them for personalized and expedited attention in case of contingencies. This can be done on the company's website or at commercial offices. More information at https://www.enel.cl/es/clientes/informacion-util/registro-de-electrodependientes.html.

Customer care channels

Contact the company through our multiple service channels, including via WhatsApp, (+56994447606), where you can report emergencies and request information. Also, the website enel.cl/clientes, the twitter account @EnelClientesCL, the Facebook Fan Page "Enel Chile," the free application for mobile phones "Enel Clientes Chile" and the Contact Center number 6006960000.

Enel Distribución serves 33 municipalities in the Metropolitan Region.

Enel Distribución supplies energy to around 2 million customers. The company’s concession area covers 2,069 km2, in 33 municipalities located exclusively in the Metropolitan Region: Cerrillos, Cerro Navia, Conchalí, Estación Central, Independencia, La Cisterna, La Florida, La Granja, La Reina, Las Condes, Lo Espejo, Lo Prado, Macul, Maipú, Ñuñoa, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Peñalolén, Pudahuel, Quinta Normal, Recoleta, Renca, San Joaquín, San Miguel, San Ramón, Vitacura, Santiago, Providencia, Huechuraba, Quilicura, Lo Barnechea, Colina, Lampa and Til Til.