Zero Emissions Ambition: This includes actions from our business model that are aligned with the goal of not exceeding a temperature increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. In our efforts to tackle this ambitious goal, we will not offset emissions, in keeping with the generation grid decarbonization process, thanks to our renewable capacity.

Clean electrification: We are committed to the electrification of the energy usage preferred by people in their daily lives, making them protagonists in the adoption of cleaner energies. We support the strategic actions we are taking through our digitized platform, capable of managing a large customer base, which enables us to create value by reducing our customers' energy costs and carbon footprint, significantly and tangibly improving the quality of life of all our customers.

People: Our stakeholder relations are at the heart of our commitment, whether they are employees, suppliers, community members or customers. Responding to their needs also translates into our focus on those who are most at risk in the transition to a decarbonized economy, with special attention to their requalification and reconversion to support them in the creation of a more resilient ecosystem. With regard to our employees, we are also committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive environment, encouraging development and capacity building. We establish responsible relationships with the communities in which we operate as an integral part of our strategy, promoting social and economic development. Within the supply chain, we have increased our commitment to sustainability by integrating environmental, social and governance requirements.

Nature: The challenge posed by climate change is the most important obstacle. Protecting the environment and natural resources, combating climate change and contributing to sustainable economic development are strategic factors in the planning, operation and development of our activities. Along with our actions towards decarbonization, we translate environmental sustainability into our daily commitment to the conservation and preservation of nature and biodiversity through the reduction and mitigation of potential negative effects to the planet that may result from our various activities.

Growth drivers: They are fundamental tools to increase and broaden the range of action to achieve our objectives, encompassing and strengthening all the themes of the sustainability strategy. Innovation facilitates the integration of sustainability into all aspects of the business, playing a central role that enables us to respond to our stakeholders' needs, amplifying the scope of our strategy's impacts. To innovation we add circular economy as a driver that aims both to reduce our consumption of materials along the entire value chain, and to develop circular business models and new solutions such as exchange platforms. In addition, we integrate cybersecurity as a key element to strengthen the strategy, which is the basis of digital transformation, necessary to increase resilience and digital supports, i.e. platforms and tools that make the daily activities of those of us who work in the company more sustainable.

ESG Fundamentals: At the core of our strategy to contribute to sustainable progress is our commitment to respect human rights throughout the value chain, including the well-being, health and safety of people. Strong governance is the foundation for sustainable success and is intrinsically linked to our corporate governance structure, which includes ESG aspects in key corporate decisionmaking processes.

Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

In Enel Chile, as part of Enel Group, we have committed to contribute specifically to four of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations in 2015, through its business model, without excluding the contribution to the other goals.

This commitment to the SDGs was the outcome of the definition of our sustainable business model focused on just energy transition, and is reflected in the investments of our business lines.

The SDGs to which we have committed to are: