Back to School: Our women go back to school to inspire teenage girls

Published on Monday, 12 December 2022

“It was a wonderful experience. The girls enjoyed the ‘Back to School’ talk and showed a lot of motivation and an excellent spirit of participation. They were particularly interested in the innovations we work with at our plants, and they gave me really great feedback”

– Elizabeth Callpa, environmental specialist at Enel Generación for operations in Northern Chile, and who led the talks at the Nuestra Señora de Ayquina School in Calama and San Luis School in Antofagasta

In these establishments, the presentations focused on sustainability and innovation in the company's different facilities, as well as the use of technology, such as Smart Glasses, 3D printers, inspection drones, etc.

In weeks marked by important decisions to be made by the country's high school seniors, the “Back to School” program will continue to be implemented in public and private schools to sow the seeds for greater female participation in STEM in the future.