"Enel has contributed a lot in my training": Stories of trainees or thesis writers during their stay in the company

Published on Friday, 31 July 2020

Internships continue, despite the pandemia

As of July 2020, according to our People and Organization records, there are 28 student interns, 14 in Staff and Services, 7 in Enel Distribución, and 7 in Enel Generación. Although internships did not stop, many tasks are now carried out remotely.

Valentina Cortés forms part of that group in the Sustainability Department doing an exciting job: "My thesis project consists of estimating the economic and labor impact of Enel Chile on the Chilean economy. The model used allows me to identify Enel's impact through its business lines in different economic sectors that require energy and Enel's services for their ventures. The research will make it possible to quantify Enel's contribution to Chile's GDP, as well as its impact in terms of job creation. Additionally, the economic impact of investment projects included in its Industrial Plan will also be considered".

Months have been intense due to the unplanned pandemic, and with an approaching deadline, Valentina's project advances through hard work that holds high amounts of information and details. She says she came to Enel for an important reason: "I was interested in working with the company that leads our country's electricity supply and steadily seeks to innovate in its sustainable growth. Quantifying its contribution to Chile's GDP is an issue that caught my attention because of the relevance electricity has in any production process and private homes."

According to our People and Organization records, most internships are in Commercial Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Management, Computer Science, and Programming. 

Sofía Díaz arrived on January 20, 2020, and works in the Circular Economy area identifying stakeholders, determining the company's communicational stance, and analyzing our Sustainability Contest, among other activities. 

She chose Enel because of its impact awareness, projects to reduce negative externalities, and constant innovation: "Being in Sustainability management, specifically in the area of Circular Economy, I was able to prove that this is indeed what I like. Establishing ambitious goals that not only help the company financially but also have a positive impact on the environment, delivering results with integrity. I was able to develop my teamwork skills and test my knowledge with constant challenges that would later be useful."

International experiences

Most interns come from national universities, mainly: Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, USACH, Inacap/Duoc, Pontificia Universidad Católica De Valparaíso, and Universidad de Chile. However, we have had international experiences, such as with Italian student Alice Penzo. She arrived at Enel Chile in December 2019 from the University of Bologna's Political, Social, and International Sciences program. She did her thesis on "How to create value from the territory," focusing on sustainable tourism.

"The objective of my internship at Enel Chile was to sustainably develop the specific area of 'Alto el Loa' (Antofagasta region) through a sustainable tourism project with indigenous communities living in the area. My role was to collaborate with Fundación Rondó NGO developing a strategy and co-designing activities for the Sustainable Tourism Project".

Alice learned a lot during her experience at Enel Chile. She says she was able to put the theory of sustainability into practice, discovering a passion for human rights and access to clean energy.

"My internship was working in the company's sustainability and community relations area. Sustainability Manager, Antonella Pellegrini, and her team from Enel Chile's northern followed my project. All field activities with Atacama communities of Caspana and Toconce took place in the Atacama Desert area were monthly and lasted roughly five days. As a final step, it was possible to carry out an exchange experience between indigenous communities from the north and south of Chile on a 7-day trip. Together with our Enel team and participating communities, we visited and studied other sustainable tourism businesses already managed by indigenous communities."

Alice appreciates the opportunity and support within the company: "I have felt so welcomed and enriched on many issues: human rights, the importance of creating shared value with stakeholders, concern with sustainable investments and applicability of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to projects."

According to Enel Chile's People and Organization, internship season is from November to January, but students and applications are received throughout the year. The average length of stay is between 3 and 6 months. 

All lines of business receive student interns, including our base offices around the country. We make efforts to ensure fairness among all applicants. 

Between 2018 and 2019, Enel Chile had more than 400 interns. Under the Open Power model, Enel remains open to new generations' contributions in all areas. We collaborate, work, grow, and learn in different areas, just like Valentina, Alice, Sofía's case, and hundreds more.