Job opportunities through innovation: Santiago’s power grid in a single space

Published on Monday, 7 December 2020

“It is a very educational, realistic and relaxing experience. I learned a lot without risking my life.”

– said Javier Mejía, 12th grade student at Liceo Bicentenario de Lampa high school.

CEL training specialist Leonel Morales said, “the hands-on activities are attractive to these young people. For example, in today's class we are going to splice electrical wires, bond conductors, and work with a tool known as a 'Loadbuster.' Then we will observe the installation of a ladder and corresponding lifeline so that they can safely climb the poles.”

“It is excellent, a great opportunity for students to be here at Enel and see firsthand what it means to work with electricity.”

– said Carlos Salinas, a teacher of Electricity and Electronics at Liceo Bicentenario de Lampa high school.

Committed to Sustainable Development

The ultimate goal of this program is to promote access to permanent employment for young people aged between 18 and 24 years, within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 8 ("Decent work and economic growth"). The aim is to create job opportunities for young people by promoting professional career paths focused on education and technical training to meet Enel's needs.

“We made our Center for Operational Excellence available to students so that they can learn by practicing in the same conditions that they will find tomorrow in the real world of work. In that way, we want to demonstrate our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals in the way they relate to quality education, work and economic growth.”

– Ramón Castañeda - General Manager of Enel Distribución Chile.

Enel Distribución’s Center for Operational Excellence

This alliance, which includes an academic partnership with the INACAP institute, is allowing students to obtain technical knowledge in the field of electricity distribution directly from the company's specialists and our contractor companies, while taking advantage of the entire infrastructure offered by the Center for Operational Excellence - CEL.

This Center is a technical training area that replicates the infrastructure and equipment of Santiago's electrical power grid. It always has a focus on occupational safety and the quality of online services for Enel Distribución Chile and Enel X.

“Enel is committed to education. That is why we make our Center available to students that are about to finish secondary education. They can come and train in an area where safety is always a priority. Perhaps in the future they will join our company.”

– Mauricio Daza - HSEQ Manager, Enel Distribución Chile.

The CEL has practice areas, both above and underground, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, Commercial Network Operations and Enel X service facilities. Each of these areas is improving skills in similar conditions to the real ones. In addition, a full-scale 110/12 kV Substation is under construction, which will allow training in tasks that are carried out at high voltage, both in Substations and in transmission lines.

In the Enel X area, students can practice testing air conditioning systems, solar panels and energy efficiency products for all types of organizations as well as everything related to networks and installing public lighting. Students can also learn to install charging points for different types of electric vehicles.

“Here we passionately seek to communicate our values and safety culture, our quality of service, our respect for the environment and inclusion of women in the workforce.”

– Yanett Henríquez - Head of Center for Operational Excellence, Enel Distribución Chile.

The Center for Operational Excellence has become the setting for the partnership between the REDES project and Enel Distribución Chile. It is becoming a seedbed and opportunity for the training of future field crews who tomorrow will be even better prepared to carry out tasks that are increasingly essential for the well-being and quality of life of our citizens.