"Codo a Codo (Side by side)", the fruit of permanent collaboration

Published on Thursday, 25 June 2020

“I find it very good. To all those who made it possible for this to be free for the neighbors, I am very grateful on behalf of everyone.”

– Juana Perez, a neighbor benefited by this initiative.

As well as the relevance of a greater number of tests, it is fundamental to have the traceability of the cases of contagion detected, to see who could be infected and to isolate them. For this reason, Enel Chile, in collaboration with the Renca Municipality and the Australian organization CSIRO, provided funds for the development of "Centinela Renca", a traceability software that allows the detection of close contacts of positive cases, providing valuable information for follow-up and management of primary health care.

“All the information that was being collected was processed using Excel spreadsheets but then, thanks to a public-private partnership, this software was developed, which allows us to process this data more quickly.”

– Claudio Castro, Renca's mayor.

Support for our supporters

Almost on the border of the Metropolitan region is the historic commune of Tiltil. Both near and far from Santiago. The Community Hospital of Tiltil, and its nearly 20 thousand inhabitants, has only 24 beds available for health care. For this reason, it is essential to have the capacity and autonomy to transfer critical patients fast. Thanks to the "Codo a codo" campaign and the contribution of Enel Chile, this health center received a new ambulance.

“The distance we have from our hospital to San José or Roberto del Río is more than 60 km. We have three mobiles that have already completed their useful life, so this ambulance is going to change our lives.”

– Cristopher Garcia, who is in charge of mobilizing the site.

The "Codo a codo" campaign also reached the Luis Calvo Mackenna Hospital, where, thanks to a contribution made to the Friends of the Hospital Corporation (Amicam), a pavilion with 20 critical beds was built, which was set up in record time, allowing patients to be cared for just at the time when the health authorities called for the transfer of children to children's hospitals, such as the Calvo Mackenna, to free up ICU beds in the rest of the care facilities.

“This has been possible thanks to our loyal contributors and to companies like Enel, which have trusted Amicam.”

– Jorge Montes Bezanilla, chairman of the board of directors of the organization.

Also contributing to the fitting out of critical beds, but this time for adult patients, Enel delivered two intensive care monitors and two transport monitors to the University of Chile's Clinical Hospital, where 150,000 masks were also provided for the medical staff who work every day to save lives.

These donations to health centers are in addition to the support that Enel Distribución and Enel X provide to the hospital network, with a plan to detect needs for electrical backup equipment that seeks to prevent possible supply interruptions in hospitals located within the distributor's concession area, which includes 20 of the 31 hospitals in the Metropolitan Region.

"Codo a codo" with the communities

Enel Chile, through its different subsidiaries, has been working collaboratively for years to strengthen the communities where the company operates. In the context of the health crisis, the company has implemented a robust plan that seeks to safeguard both the health and the nutrition of the people.

In Quillota, in collaboration with the city's Local Economic Development Unit, the Municipality and the Banamor Foundation, 200 boxes of food and personal hygiene items were delivered from house to house to the neediest families in the community. In this town, disposable suits and face shields for the volunteers and quaternary ammonium for disinfection were also provided.

The initiative has also reached the south of the country, for example, the communes of Alto Biobío and Santa Bárbara, with the contribution of 3,750 kg of flour for 75 families of the community "El Barco" of Alto Biobío and 4,850 kg of flour for 97 families of the community "Ayin Mapu" of Santa Bárbara.

In the Metropolitan region, Enel Distribución has worked intensively in recent years with Fundación Techo to provide access to continuous and safe energy for hundreds of families living in camps in the Lampa community. This link was the bridge for Enel to join the "Chile Comparte" campaign, a collaborative work promoted by the Techo Foundation, which allowed the delivery of solidarity food boxes to 500 families in seven camps in Lampa and Maipú, aid that will be extended during 2020 to another six camps in these communes.

The value of the local economy

Also, "Codo a codo" has developed initiatives that have allowed for the promotion of economic activity and the reorientation of productive work in communities towards new ventures needed amid the pandemic.

In the case of Quintero, a collaborative chain was implemented that allowed support to be given to the most vulnerable, especially the elderly, by purchasing products directly from suppliers in the area.

“I am a merchant and I am very grateful to Enel for the opportunity it gave me to sell my products and also help people with these boxes.”

– Jacqueline Figueroa of the "Nuevo Horizonte" store in Quintero.

There are also examples of determination and adaptation to new challenges. Faced with the decline in tourism, small entrepreneurs in Paso Nevado, Armerillo and Las Garzas, in San Clemente, obtained support to reinvent themselves and make reusable masks. Enel was their first customer, with an order for 7,000 units, which were then distributed along with a thousand boxes of food that were delivered to the communes of Colbún and San Clemente.

A similar experience was developed with the Mapu Pilmaiquén Community in the Los Lagos region, which has suffered a decrease in the number of visitors arriving at La Isla Park - Salto La Olla, managed by the community itself thanks to an agreement with Enel Green Power. Several of its women have converted from tourism to sewing masks, which were purchased by Enel and delivered as a contribution to various localities, including the municipality of Antuco, which received 2,500 units.

“My thanks for this donation, which the people are also grateful for. We have delivered these masks directly to homes and also through the community offices taking all the sanitary measures.”

– Miguel Abuter, mayor of Antuco.

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