Along the electric route, Santiago takes on speed

Published on Monday, 26 November 2018

“We have begun our adventure in Santiago, in Chile we find development opportunities that we have presented to our holding in Italy and now we are at the stage of replicating, expanding and possibly taking them to those Latin American countries where we are present”

– Simone Tripepi, Enel X manager for Latin America

A promising future

But the fact of these 100 buses beginning to provide service in Chile is not enough. The modernization of the infrastructure is vital and for this purpose, Enel X built the first electric terminal in the municipality of Peñalolén, which includes 63 charging points for buses and solar parking spaces, structures designed to support photovoltaic panels that generate electric power through renewable sources, enabling to contribute both to the consumption and operation of the buses, as well as to the electric terminal as well. Also, there will be 37 additional charging points available in the other electric terminal which is located in Maipú.

The technology of these electric terminals includes smart charging management controls, unique in the world, which will have the ability to manage, effectively and in real time, the power supply of the buses, optimizing their power consumption.

All of these advances in the public transportation system open the gates to the creation of the first “electric roadway corridor” in Latin America.  The objective is for Avenida Grecia to have 100% electric routes in lines 507, 516 and 519 – all operated by MetBus – becoming a permanent environmental hub for the city and contributing towards the improvement of the living standards of its users.