Electric Buses: Improving drivers and passengers quality of life

Published on Wednesday, 29 August 2018

“Personally, I also like the idea of contributing to cleaner air, so our grandchildren can breathe the air," he adds. He recognizes that the change from diesel to electric buses has been a 180 degree turn. "What they are doing (Enel and Metbus) is an excellent initiative. This bus is a prototype, but the changes will be achieved with the new fleet that is coming soon”

– Jaime Riveros, Metbus driver

He adds that these buses will generate a change in culture in the people. "Today I end my day less tired, having worked the same number of hours that I worked with a diesel bus. I do not end up with a swollen head. The passengers are calmer and that also generates tranquility. On the other buses, people were more aggressive, wanting to fight, and they could spoil your day.”

Jaime does not stop. He talks fast.  "My wife is always telling me to relax a little bit. But I love doing things all the time! I'm like a flea," he admits. When his eight-hour workday ends, he takes off his uniform, puts his mechanics’ clothes back on, and goes to his cousins' garage in Maipú to help with bus repairs. "I like it, I like transport a lot," Jaime concludes.