Municipality of Colina and Enel X present the first electric garbage truck in Chile

Published on Thursday, 26 January 2023

  • With an autonomy of 250 kilometers, the project is aimed at testing the operational and performance capacity of the new electric garbage truck, based on the same conditions of a similar conventional diesel-fueled truck.


Santiago, January 26, 2023 – With the objective of testing their autonomy and work capacity, Enel X and the municipality of Colina started operating the first electric garbage truck in Chile, and which will serve the community's residents, in order to incorporate sustainability within the trash collection segment.

The Hel PT1100 garbage truck, provided by Enel X and operated by Starco, has an autonomy of 250 kilometers, and will collect residential waste through a back loading system that offers a 15-second compactor cycle, generating a load of 600-700 kg/m3, equivalent to one compacted load of 10,000 kg for a 15 m3 space.

This project is aimed at testing the autonomy of electric garbage trucks and their constructive work capacity based on the same performance of a conventional diesel truck of similar characteristics.

Additionally, the project looks to validate the truck's operation and its 150 kW high-power loading infrastructure, donated by Enel X Way, located at the Peldehue terminal, which has the ability to flexibly supply energy and manage power and loading times.

Likewise, the municipality of Colina will incorporate 3 electric buses to the community’s existing public transportation fleet, which will be managed by the Municipal Corporation of Social Development and will support the transportation of students to educational establishments.

“The incorporation of the new electric vehicles reaffirms our commitment to the environment, integrating buses within our municipal fleet to serve those who most need them: children and teens who go to school everyday thanks to the city buses. On the other hand, the electric garbage truck is added to a service that also provides a home recycling pickup program, which puts us at the forefront in care for the environment,” affirms Colina Mayor, Isabel Valenzuela.

This is a pioneering project in a country that has, without a doubt, shown potential for the electrification of all segments, replacing fossil fuels with clean energy, in this case in garbage collection, an activity that can also be developed with sustainable criteria, in order to improve the quality of life of over 180,000 Colina residents,” says Karla Zapata, CEO of Enel X Chile.

Thanks to investment in these projects, which prioritizes the environment in urban development, we're going to be able to considerably reduce CO2 emissions. Both public and private sectors have to think together about the future generations and the planetary conditions we want them to inherit, which is why our Regional Government has joined the efforts to promote electromobility,” notes Governor of the Metropolitan Region, Claudio Orrego.

In these efforts, private-public collaboration is fundamental to advancing along the ambitious horizon we have set out to achieve through the national electromobility strategy and policies to promote and strengthen an electromobility ecosystem. Corfo has taken on this task and created different initiatives, including the Sé Santiago Smart City Program, which looks to pilot local solutions that can later be scaled to other sectors,” says Gloria Moya Coloma, director of Corfo Metropolitano.

The incorporation of four new electric trucks, thanks to the collaborative work by the Regional Government, the Municipality of Colina, the Sé Santiago foundation, Corfo, and the companies Enel X and Starco, will help significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the Colina community.

Together, the electric vehicles will reduce toxic emissions in Colina by the equivalent of 8 hectares and 1,700 trees.