Published on Monday, 25 April 2022

Coronel, April 25, 2022. Enel Generación wishes to announce that following the seizure and two-week blockade at the Bocamina Power Plant, the situation has now been resolved following successful dialogue between all parties involved in the energy transition process the nation is currently undergoing. Government authorities, companies, and, in particular, contractors initiated a dialogue process focused on the resumption of the roles previously assigned to each actor as established by Law, within the current contracts, and in accordance with the guidelines of the Fair Transition Strategy.

The pledges made by the Government through their respective regional and local offices were accepted by the workers and their respective employers. Enel Generación, within the scope of its attributions and the sphere of its competences, will commit to make this work arrangement a successful and beneficial one for all parties, ensuring health and economic coverage in line with the roles carried out and, in particular, ensuring that it is consistent with the defined process and strategy of energy transformation. Enel Generación and the contractor companies will continue to apply the respective occupational healthcare coverage plans in order to guarantee that all occupational risks continue to be covered as per the regulations in force on this matter.

Following the demonstrations, Enel Generación initiated a process of analysis and inspection of its facilities, reviewing each of its components and systems. This, with a view to resuming operations at the Bocamina Power Plant as soon as possible and connect its energy to the National Electric System, which is facing an uncommon scenario of energy shortages.