Copefrut expands the use of renewable energy in its production processes and aims at 100% clean sourcing

Upon signing with Enel Generación

Published on Wednesday, 4 August 2021

  • After signing an electricity supply agreement with Enel Generacion, the company Copefrut, dedicated to the agricultural industry, began to operate primarily with energy from clean sources across all its production plants.  


Santiago, August 8, 2021.- Enel Generacion, and the fresh fruit export and sales company, Copefrut S.A., signed an energy supply contract for 100% clean and renewable energy sources to allow the fruit company to change the energy matrix of its operational plants located in central Chile, and specifically the Maule Region.

In this way, Copefrut ensured that the entire supply provided from the National Electricity System to be used in its production processes comes from 100% clean energy sources.

This is framed within its declaration and development of a sustainability strategy aimed at the projection and sustainability of the business in one of the country's most traditional industries.

“It is our obligation to rethink agriculture for the coming years, considering that our current scenario has also changed, and where sustainability and environmental responsibility are key elements that mark our present and future challenges,” says Andrés Fuenzalida, CEO of Copefrut. He then adds that, “the use of clean energy in a significant part of our value chain is an initiative that looks to accompany different actions in line with our environmental commitment and organizational strategy.”

The agreement which went into effect in May 2021, and which has a 4-year duration, considers the supply of energy generated from renewable sources, such as wind, solar, geothermal and hydro power, and obtainment of the green seal by I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificates), an independent international entity that certifies the use of renewable energy.

In this regard, Humberto Espejo, Trading and Sales Manager for Enel Generacion comments: “With this supply contract and these certifications, we support our clients in the fulfillment of their strategic objectives, including operations that are increasingly sustainable and friendly to the surrounding environment and community. Moreover, with the green seal, we make a significant contribution to our clients who are seeking out clean energy, which is also aligned with the carbon neutrality process proposed by the company.”

In this way, it is accredited that all energy supplied by Enel has been injected into the National Electricity System (SEN) from renewable generation sources, which will help reduce greenhouse gas concentrations, with benefits such as energy traceability, certification of origin and ownership, and minimizing the environmental and social impact to contribute to sustainability management.