Enel Generación Chile joins Heritage Day celebrations with virtual tour to Central Rapel

Published on Friday, 28 May 2021


  • Before the pandemic started, the Central Rapel power station, considered Chile's first large hydroelectric plant, used to receive about 5,000 visitors annually that were interested in finding out more about its history. Given the continued interest but taking into consideration the sanitary restrictions, Enel Generación Chile decided to open its doors to the public remotely, through a virtual tour guided by company employees.
  • This virtual tour invites people to learn more about the operation and history of this power plant, built in the 60s, and its importance for the surrounding area and for the National Power Grid.


Santiago, May 28, 2021 - Inaugurated on June 21, 1968 by the then President Eduardo Frei Montalva, the 377 MW capacity Central Rapel was Chile's first large hydroelectric power station. Its completion was considered a major feat of Chilean engineering given the different challenges faced during its construction and the large number of man hours, some 4 million, taken to build it. Given its historical relevance to the country, Enel Generación Chile, decided to open its doors virtually, to give people a chance to visit inside the plant.

“For us it is extremely important to take part in Heritage Day and to be able to give people the opportunity to visit the inside of our beloved Central Rapel. This was Chile's first major hydroelectric power station, which continues to generate clean energy for the country to this day. What is more, besides the fact that this visit complies with all the sanitary requirements, the tour of the plant is guided by our own employees, who know all of its secrets, history and operational details,” said James Lee Stancampiano, CEO of Enel Generación Chile.

One of the most important or striking sections of the power station is undoubtedly its large wall, which dams the Tinguiririca and Cachapoal tributary rivers, and which contains enough steel to build two Eiffel Towers and enough concrete to build a highway between Santiago and Buenos Aires.

For more information on how to take a virtual tour and learn more about the history of the plant and intricate details of its operation, check out the website https://www.enel.cl/es/conoce-enel/dia-del-patrimionio.html and click on "See Virtual Tour Central Rapel."