Enel Distribución activates prevention plan following forecast of rain in the Metropolitan Region

Published on Monday, 20 June 2022

  • In light of the latest weather forecast, the company has adapted its technical resources, customer information, and assistance channels.
  • Among the service channels that have been reinforced, WhatsApp (+56 994447606) stands out, via which emergencies can be reported and information requested.


Santiago, June 20, 2022 – Given the high winds and heavy precipitation forecast for the Metropolitan Region, Enel Distribución activated a contingency plan to deal with potential incidents that could impact the electricity distribution system.

Based on the forecast, technical resources were adapted with more crews on the ground, and information and assistance channels for clients were also reinforced.

Customer service channels and digital media were also strengthened to facilitate communication with customers. Among them, assistance via WhatsApp (+56994447606), where emergencies can be reported and information requested, as well as the website enel.cl/clientes, the free application for mobile phones "Enel Clientes Chile," and the Call Center, 600 6960000 and 800 800696.

Among the channels, the self-service telephone assistance allows customers to be identified with their Chilean ID number – when this has been previously registered – instead of having to provide their client number. Customers must update their data via the company's service channels to use this new facility.

Enel Distribución also offers a geo-referenced technological platform where the status of the electricity supply can be observed. Detailed by sector and summarized by municipality, it is updated every 15 minutes on enel.cl, accessed directly at https://www.enel.cl/es/clientes/emergencias/mapa-en-linea-cortes.html.

In the event of a possible power outage, the company calls on its customers to exercise caution and not attempt to restore the service on their own.

Electro-dependent customers

Enel Distribución is always concerned for its customers and reiterates the call to the relatives or guardians of electro-dependent customers to sign up for personalized and priority assistance in case of contingencies.

All registered electro-dependent patients have access to preferential telephone assistance via the priority customer service platform, coordinating directly with technical staff in charge of managing crews on the ground.

The company has a unique registration protocol, which can be carried out on its website and at its commercial offices. The registration request must be entered, identifying the patient and the home-hospitalization address, providing a medical certificate that specifies the equipment to which the patient must remain connected. Further details can be found at https://www.enel.cl/es/clientes/emergencias/registro-de-electrodependientes.html.

Enel Distribución provides service in 33 municipalities in the Metropolitan Region.

Enel Distribución supplies energy to around 2 million customers. Its concession area is 2,069 km2, which covers 33 districts located exclusively in the Metropolitan Region: Cerrillos, Cerro Navia, Conchalí, Estación Central, Independencia, La Cisterna, La Florida, La Granja, La Reina, Las Condes, Lo Espejo, Lo Prado, Macul, Maipú, Ñuñoa, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Peñalolén, Pudahuel, Quinta Normal, Recoleta, Renca, San Joaquín, San Miguel, San Ramón, Vitacura, Santiago, Providencia, Huechuraba, Quilicura, Lo Barnechea, Colina, Lampa and Til Til.