Enel Distribución and Planetario USACH premiere short film on circular economy

Published on Tuesday, 17 May 2022

  • "Ciclos Vitales," the short film to be presented on May 17 at noon, delivers an innovative educational experience on circular economy as a factor of sustainable development within a new consumption model.
  • In the eight-minute audiovisual production, viewers will learn about three everyday actions: reduce, rethink consumption, and repair.
  • The launch overlaps with recycling day, which seeks to reduce generated waste and minimize the carbon footprint. This short film invites us to go further and challenge ourselves to consume consciously and sustainably.


Santiago, May 17, 2022 - Raising awareness regarding Circular Economy is critical to altering our way of thinking and acting when addressing our current climate emergency. The alliance between Enel Distribución and the University of Santiago de Chile's Planetarium aimed at making the short film "Ciclos Vitales" (Vital Cycles).

The visionary production premiered today, May 17, at the Usach Planetarium. It proposes that a circular economy shifts from consuming and discarding culture to one without waste, imitating the wisdom of nature in our everyday living and respecting life cycles by applying some changes such as using renewable resources and biodegradable, reused, or recycled materials.

Through a magical eight-minute audiovisual journey, attendees will learn about three circular actions that they can put into practice in their daily lives: reduce, rethink consumption, and repair.

A circular economy starts by reducing overconsumption. Before buying a product, consumers should ask themselves if they genuinely need it.

Rethink consumption: before buying something, think about how many times you will use it or if you can borrow or lease it, especially with things that you will only use a few times.

Finally, repairing and not discarding is more crucial than ever to reach our zero-waste goal. You can give new life to what you already have. It used to be the norm to fix things once they broke and inherit items that lasted generations.

"The Usach Planetarium joins the effort to promote these three circular economy actions to reverse climate crisis, inspiring children. We are proud to deliver entertainment with content. This alliance with Enel will allow us to turn our public into circular economy protagonists," says Jacqueline Morey, executive director of the Usach Planetarium.

"The world today asks us to rebuild the balance between economy, society, and nature. The role of circular economy will be central to changing paradigms and formulating new business models hand in hand with innovation and digital transformation." added Antonella Pellegrini, sustainability manager of Enel Chile.

The short film is for all ages and will be screened before each audiovisual show at the Usach Planetarium, starting May 17, 2022.

We invite you all to be part of this adventure through our Ciclos Vitales!