Enel Distribución adds new Free Clients in the Biobío region

Published on Thursday, 25 June 2020

Despite the fact that the current global scenario has caused multiple difficulties, Enel Distribución continues to work to bring energy to places where it is needed. An example of this is the signing of two new energy sales contracts for Free Clients in the Biobío region, ratifying the growing diversification of its client portfolio and achieving the largest agreement of this type signed to date by the company outside of the Metropolitan region.

The law allows distribution companies to enter into energy sales contracts with any company or institution that has a connected power of more than 500 kW and that meets the requirements established by law to become a Free Client. This is so even if the client is located outside the distribution company’s respective concession areas, which in the case of Enel Distribución comprises 33 districts in the Metropolitan region.

That was the path taken by the company's two new free clients in the Biobío region. Last February, Fullgreen -a company dedicated to agricultural and forestry management in the Los Angeles district- signed a long-term contract with Enel Distribución to be its electricity supplier.

In this regard, Fullgreen’s CEO, Jaime Schmidt, commented that “for our company the issue of energy is very relevant, given its important role within the cost matrix.  Signing a long-term supply contract means a significant reduction in costs and, therefore, an improvement in our position against the competition, allowing us to deliver our products with the highest quality and in the best way. In addition, I want to highlight the fact that Enel Distribución has a business office in the city of Concepción, as this enhances the development of our region and allows a direct relationship that facilitates work and communication.

Currently, electricity rates for the free market are lower than those established for the regulated market, allowing companies to generate significant monthly savings on their electricity bills.  

For this very reason, Inchalam -a leader in the manufacture of wire products for construction, agriculture, and mining located in Talcahuano- was motivated to sign the largest contract signed by Enel Distribución outside its concession area. For Enrique Gajardo, Inlacham’s Operations Manager, this 4-year contract for an estimated annual consumption of 25 GWh "is very significant for our company, since it represents great savings in our conversion costs and this directly increases our competitiveness in the market."