Open sky Art Galleries

Published on Tuesday, 21 January 2020

The municipalities of Independencia and Cerro Navia are already part of the “Open Power to Art” project, which seeks to integrate Enel's infrastructure into the urban fabric, using art as a means of community expression. In both municipalities, conversations were held with the neighbors to have knowledge of how they see their neighborhood and what it means for them to live in it. The community is involved in the recovery of public spaces and the identity of its neighborhoods. Children, adults and elderly adults were part of this new page of the history and life of both neighborhoods.

In Cerro Navia, the work was done by local artists Jennifer Díaz and Christian Ferrada, in collaboration with the Municipality of Cerro Navia and the ProCultura Foundation. The place chosen was the Cerro Navia / Pudahuel substation. On the other hand, in Independencia, mural art was done in the Los Olivos substation and was carried out by the artists Luis Núñez and Leonardo Casimiro, in collaboration with the Municipality of Independencia and the ProCultura Foundation. Both projects were accepted under the Law of Cultural Donations and financed by Enel Distribución.

Check the photo gallery with the entire process of both mural art works, whose protagonists were the communities of Cerro Navia and Independencia.