Energy Efficiency

Migration to cities and the development of new uses of energy make it essential for everyone to correctly understand the concept of Energy Efficiency.

Efficient solutions
Enel X seeks to transform energy into innovative technological solutions to help businesses, cities, and people be more efficient in the use of resources. For example, by using technologies for the efficient management of energy in large organizations, for efficient public and artistic lighting, or for transforming homes with efficient air conditioning, water heating, and lighting solutions.
Smart Meters
Smart meters are the beginning of a new method of interaction between distribution companies and their customers, moving towards an increasingly digitalized electricity network. Their installation provides many more advantages over their predecessors; one of the most important is to have more information so that customers can manage their energy consumption much more efficiently. Remote management allows finding out exact electricity consumption data almost instantaneously, which implies more control over the use of energy, favoring a culture of sustainability.
Distributed Generation for Self-consumption
The digitalization of the electricity grid is enabling the consumer to be increasingly active. Enel X offers innovative portable equipment for electricity generation from solar energy. The company also has several alternatives for the domiciliary installation of systems designed to interact with the electricity grid, injecting the energy produced by means of solar panels during the day and taking electricity from the same grid at nighttime or during periods of low solar radiation.
Electric Mobility
Comparative studies show that electric vehicles are 3 times more efficient in the use of energy, compared to those run on fossil fuels. Enel X has led the challenge of transforming the means of transport in Chile and the world, through the development of electric mobility and its charging infrastructure, including new technologies such as the vehicle to the grid (V2G). It is also promoting electric public transport by offering integral solutions for operating companies.
Harnessing renewable resources
Until a few years ago, inexhaustible natural resources such as solar energy and geothermal energy were not used by man. Enel Green Power has not only become a world leader in the use of these energy sources, but also works to make the production of that energy as efficient as possible. EGP has developed projects to ensure energy efficiency in the operation of its plants, implementing, for example, electric mobility, efficient lighting, and high standards of productive efficiency in their facilities.
Education initiatives
Seeking to establish a close and sustainable relationship with its customers over time, Enel Distribución has developed a cycle of Educational Workshops on Energy Efficiency, aimed at residents and authorities of the communities in the company's concession area. In 2017 and 2018, more than 3,800 families actively participated in these workshops, in which efficient bulbs were given as an invitation to adopt habits that promote energy efficiency in homes.

Energy Efficiency Tips

Caring for the planet is everyone's responsibility. For this purpose, we offer the following tips that will improve your energy consumption habits at home and at work:

1. Accumulate the largest amount of clothes possible when ironing or washing.

2. Wash or iron preferably at times when there is a lower demand for energy, such as in the morning.

3. After heating up water, store the water you don't use in a thermos to avoid having to heat it up again.

4. Install aerators in sink and shower faucets.

5. Make it a priority to run the washer and dishwasher when they are at their fullest.

6. Regulate time spent in the shower. This will reduce water use.

7. Use excess water for irrigation.

1. Opt for air-conditioning and heating units and boilers that have a thermostat. This will allow you to efficiently regulate the room and water temperatures of your home.

• You should adjust the temperature of your air conditioner to 24 °C (75.2 °F) in summer, and your heater to 20 °C (68 °F) in winter.

2. Improve the thermal insulation of your home. This will allow your air conditioning and heating units to work more efficiently.

• Begin by insulating the roof of your house, reinforce the insulation of the walls, and also opt for thermopanel windows.

3. Monitor the use of the air conditioning system. This will contribute to better energy performance in the office.

• Keep doors to the room closed while the unit is on and turn the unit off when leaving the room.

• Clean the air filter every 15 days. The dirty filters and canisters filled with dust cause the motor to work on overdrive and decrease its usability.

4. Opt for renewable energy.

1. Make use of natural light and paint your house's walls and ceilings with light colors. These simple measures could reduce your energy consumption by 5%.

2. LED light bulbs have a useful life of up to 15 years, whereas incandescent light bulbs only have a useful life of one year. Therefore, replace your incandescent bulbs and make it a priority to change to LED bulbs in the areas of your home where lights are turned on for the greatest amounts of time.

3. The installation of motion sensors allows lighting to be controlled automatically through motion detection where they are installed, with no need to turn the lights on and off.

4. Turn off the lights. It is not accurate to say that the expense is greater when turning off and turning on the lights.

5. Think about generating your own energy with Photovoltaic Panels. It is always better to use renewable energy from the Sun.

1. Invest in appliances with the highest Energy Efficiency rating on their label.

• The A, A+, and A++ Ratings are the most efficient.

2. Regularly clean the back of your refrigerator. Dust accumulation decreases performance and increases the consumption of electrical energy.

3. Set your computer to the “saving function” and turn off the screen if you are not going to use it during a period of 30 or more minutes.

4. Turning off and unplugging electrical equipment that you do not use regularly can help you optimize energy by 15-20%.


Myths and truths about the use of energy

At Enel we show you some of the most common myths about efficient energy consumption and how to correct them.

Myths and truths