Marina Hermosilla: “In Chile there is awareness in respect to climate change”

Published on Friday, 26 July 2019

“They have the opportunity of triggering technological research and applied research, to be able to give academics the necessary inputs for this research to be carried out and applied. Finally, they have the responsibility of having things done. The contribution by private parties is essential in order to achieve this change”

– Marina Hermosilla - executive director of CLG Chile

But, in spite of the interest that the issue generates, in people as well as in companies, it is not a change that may be carried out overnight, since it requires time in order to reformulate the way of doing business. Marina Hermosilla proposes doing a bit at a time. “Many times it is the production lines, not complete companies.  There are companies that are 100% designed through a circular economy system; others are enabling production lines allowing to go in this direction.  The productive processes or the demands from the consumers cannot be modified from one day to the next”, she assures.

This is the moment to act

Gonzalo Muñoz, the COP25 champion, has proposed that the current generation is the only one in history looking at the effects of global warming and also the last one that may adopt actions in order to remedy the situation. This is why the motto of this conference, that will take place in Chile in December, is “Time to Act” and is known as the “Summit of Ambition”, but, is there any awareness on the importance of the issue?

According to a study carried out by the World Economic Forum, applied to youngsters between the ages of 18 and 35 years of age in 186 countries, 48.8% believe that climate change and the destruction of nature are the most serious problems affecting the world today.

“We are facing a transformation of great magnitude, when we see that 50% of the world’s population is between 18 and 35 years old. In a few more years, they will be taking decisions, not us and surely the conditions will change faster than we can imagine”

– Marina Hermosilla - executive director of CLG Chile

In our country, the 2018 National Environmental Survey evidenced that more than 90% of the population believes that climate change is already happening and 88% estimates that human activity is to blame. “I think that there is tremendous awareness in Chile.  People are very aware, but the challenge is not a small one”, specifies Hermosilla, who indicates once again that the fundamental role is played by companies. “We must transform all of our productive apparatus towards a low carbon system and this is an enormous task as a country. Now is the moment to act, there is no more time left”, states the 2017 Women’s Energy Award in the Environment, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, presented by Enel.

If Chile can’t, nobody can

Between the 2nd and 13th of December, the eyes of the world shall be fixed upon Chile, that will host COP25 performing a key role in order for the different agreements to take place between the 197 nations participating. 

“This is the opportunity for the world to bring forward agreements enabling the implementation of the markets through which carbon may be priced at a global level, and in that way, the implementation of systems allowing us to carry out the economic and industrial transformation of the whole productive apparatus in the most cost efficient way possible.”

– Marina Hermosilla - executive director of CLG Chile

In spite of the fact that Chile is not a gigantic country or a world power, it generates confidence among the rest of the nations of the planet and demonstrates, through different initiatives, that actions may be taken in favor of the environment.  The fact that 100% of the public transportation will be 100% electric by 2040, the removal of single use plastics and the REP Law, or becoming a carbon neutral nation by 2050, are examples of that.

The executive director of CLG Chile highlights that “somehow we are seen from outside as a country able to assume great challenges.  Last year I was in Poland for COP24 and at some moment in the conversation , when there were doubts on taking COP25 to Chile, because of the responsibility that this summit entails, someone said ‘if Chile can’t, nobody can’’. The world sees us as a country under development which shows that which is possible”.