Teachers and students learn to recycle and manufacture paper with kinetic energy

The Recicleta project encourages students to take care of the environment through recycling, by converting waste paper into new products.

Published on Friday, 14 June 2019

“It's a fantastic project and a great opportunity for our students. One of the educational hallmarks of our school is the care of the environment, so participating in an initiative that focuses on recycling is not only super relevant, but it also gives students the opportunity to project themselves and expand their vision of world”

– Rossana Urrutia, technology teacher and head of the Pedagogical Technical Unit

The teacher added that the school is working to involve the recicleta in different academic subjects such as science, technology, arts and crafts, and student life, and also for all courses, from pre-kindergarten to tenth grade, the highest level in that school.

“Recicleta is a comprehensive project that teaches children and youth to take care of the environment in a concrete and entertaining way. This project encourages them to be creative, to develop curiosity, and to work as a team, essential values to build an increasingly sustainable future”

– Antonella Pellegrini, Sustainability and Community Relations Manager at Enel Chile

This initiative shows the commitment of the Enel Group in Chile to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically in quality education and climate action.