Coronel Competitive Funds: “Innovation and Energy for your Venture”

Published on Wednesday, 22 May 2019

“I work with kneaded bread, formerly known as “miner’s bread”, a tradition stemming from my grandfather, who along with my mother, taught me how to bake bread in a brick oven. After being benefitted with the Enel fund, the first thing I did was to invest in a pickup truck for work, which now allows me to reach my customers”

– Eliana Saez – Coronel Businesswoman.

Another successful case may be seen in the experience by Enrico Innocenti, who is dedicated to the construction of children’s games, specifically, to trains made out of recycled metal drums, which towed by his tractor, entertain boys and girls in the plazas and parks of the county.

“The competitive fund was of great help and thanks to it, l have managed to expand my business, having available two trains operating simultaneously in Coronel as well as in the Parque Bicentenario of the city of Concepcion”

– Enrico Innocenti - Coronel Businessman.

Collaborative work in Coronel

Antonella Pellegrini, sustainability and community relations manager for Enel Chile, pointed out the importance of the comprehensive collaboration and support of those actions aiming at rescuing the local heritage.

“This space enables to have a look at the local development in accordance with the aspirations of each one of the participants. We are proud to contribute to the new perspectives towards construction of the future of all those who manage to carry out their project.”

– Antonella Pellegrini,sustainability and community relations manager for Enel Chile,

Regarding the evaluation of the initiatives submitted, Enel Generación Chile and Sembra consider criteria such as their experience and trajectory, their contribution to the heritage and local identity, their potential growth, and their compliance with at least one of the 17 Objectives towards Sustainable Development defined by the United Nations, and among which the Enel Group seeks to foster through its actions.

This is one among several sustainability programs that the company is managing in this county and which is inspired in installing real opportunities and competences, in order for the small size entrepreneurs and artisans in Coronel, who day after day are rescuing the county’s memory, may strengthen their SMEs, generating permanent and long term income, valuing and making their memory, identity and traditions visible.