Bocamina Murals: Paintings telling the story of Coronel

Published on Monday, 20 May 2019

“People can see themselves in these walls. The mural is a form of artistic and urban expression, representing that which takes place in the site where the painting takes place.”

– Antonella Pellegrini, Enel Chile Sustainability Manager.

Bocamina opens to the community and to the world

With this project, Coronel is transformed into the first county in Chile starting the transformation of the architectural structures of the Enel plants, into outdoors art galleries: a project bearing the name of “Open Arte to Enel”. Until now, the one with the largest size in the country. This is how Bocamina opens itself up to the community and to the world, with a renewed countenance and full of color.

The mural is the result of two years of intensive sustainability work by Enel in the area of Coronel, which translate into a new role with the community, it isn’t only a painting, but the seal of this new relationship focused upon people.

“The idea of painting is to further the integration of an industrial facility into the urban fabric.  To remove a barrier and to socially integrate the plants further”, asserted Pellegrini.

“This is why this mural is so rich. It connects generations. It connects history with today.”

– Gabriel Veloso, “Alapinta” Group of Painters.

70 volunteers participated in the group.  For them this experience was enriching and they hope it will last during many years, since it is part of their history. “These murals are representing many things from our forefathers, which are the miners, the fishermen, the ladies baking bread”, says one of the volunteers.

In addition to the murals, the implementation of 4,000 m2 of green areas was considered, where 74 new trees were planted.

For Michele Siciliano, Thermal Power Generation manager for Enel Generación “these murals represent the face of this new Bocamina, which is opened for the community.  It is the face we want to show to the world”.

Open Art to Enel

“Open Art” is a great project consisting in the integration and harmonization of Enel’s assets and of the areas close to the urban fabric, developing artistic creativity and the new skills of the communities where Enel is present, by means of the alliance with institutions, associations and companies.

In order to carry this out, the architectural structures of the Enel plants have been made available, transforming them into outdoor art galleries, the reason for “open art”, towards communicating messages of an environmental and social character and opening the potential of young people as protagonists of change.