Pilmaiquén: Meeting place with Mapuche culture

Published on Tuesday, 19 February 2019

“We have many visitors every day, from different places and origins. This park is currently among the ten most attractive in the region,”

– Bernardita Amolef, president of the community.

The fruit of dialogue

Although the official provision of the land for the Parque La Isla - Salto La Olla to the Mapu Pilmaiquén community was made on February 19, 2019, the dialogue between Enel and the community began seven years earlier, when they sat down to talk at a round table which served to recognize the importance of these native lands -located only 100 meters from the Pilmaiquén Plant- for the Mapuche culture.

After long conversations, in December of 2017, Enel Green Power delivered the land on loan to the Mapu Pilmaiquén community for its administration, and visits greatly increased during 2018.

"Today we are celebrating this beautiful place of Mapuche cultural conservation that is managed by our Mapu Pilmaiquén indigenous community. We have worked together and the park has its doors open," said Amolef, who also thanked Enel for "returning part of their patrimony to the community, which safeguards and protects this park according to its cosmovision."

Valter Moro, Enel Green Power Chile’s CEO, values the signing of this initiative that provides benefits to the community and the environment, and demonstrates the work that the company wishes to develop in the various territories where it has a presence.

“In our opinion, it is an iconic agreement in the country, because it is an example of collaboration between the company and the community for the conservation of the environment and indigenous culture”

– Valter Moro, CEO Enel Green Power Chile

Example of will and dialogue

The work model carried out by EGP with the Mapu Pilmaiquén Community has allowed us to create a space for the preservation of biodiversity and Mapuche culture, adhering to Enel's vision of sustainability in Chile and the world, which objective is to promote the social development of communities through the creation of shared value, protecting the environment, and guaranteeing a better world for future generations.

This example of dialogue and understanding has even been recognized beyond the borders of Chile. At the UN Human Rights Forum, held in Geneva in November 2018, this joint effort between EGP and the local community was highlighted, underlining the long-term vision that sustains the project.

“Dialogue and the commitment to work together are the paths that Enel seeks to promote. For us, Parque La Isla represents a model to imitate, since it shows that, with the will of both parties, it is possible to develop good initiatives which also provide benefits to the community and the environment”

– María Cristina Papetti, senior executive in Sustainability Projects and CSV of the Enel Group.