Women who lead change in Chile

Published on Tuesday, 8 January 2019

“Every year, we want to publicly acknowledge women who have contributed significantly, from their area of particular experience, to the development of Chilean society.”

– José Miranda, Enel Chile and Enel America’s communication manager.

The award seeks to inspire women in different areas through the life testimony of those who have been recognized year after year for their achievements.

One of them is the journalist and host of CNN Chile, Matilde Burgos, winner of the 2016 Women's Energy Award for the best journalist, who emphasizes that "this award represents the energy that women have when undertaking a challenge. It recognizes women’s work, because behind a job well done, an outstanding career, there is an effort that includes running a household and taking on more tasks in the care of the family.”

Jury of specialists

This 2019 a total of twelve categories shall be awarded, whose winners will be chosen by a jury of specialists in the different areas: Arts, Public Service, Environment and Sustainability, Contribution to Education, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Community Work, Journalism and/or News with a Big Impact of the Year, Entertainment, Sports, Contribution to the Public Debate, Career and Enel Group Women.   

"The important progress of women in reaching positions of leadership and recognition is undeniable, but it is still exceptional. Distinguishing them is important, because they are role models, since they are still a minority and it is a way to break the 'glass ceiling'," says Esperanza Cueto, Director of Comunidad Mujer and awarded in 2018 for her career. This year she will be part of the jury along with Isabel Plá, Alejandra Mustakis, Francisca Valdés, Paula Escobar, Ximena Casarejos, Jeannette von Wolfersdorff, and Soledad Onetto.

Esperanza also recalls the special moment when she received the award for the Social Communication category in 2010. "I invited my parents to the ceremony and it was the first time they saw me receiving recognition. All awards are welcome, especially when there is an evaluation, a job, and a jury behind them in the quest to distinguish women in different fields," she adds.

Enel Group Women

The company distinguishes the contribution of one of its employees every year as a way of highlighting the mission of women who contribute to society from within Enel.