“We are a global company, with a strong footing in the worldwide energy sector. We have implemented an open strategy focused on digitalization, sustainability, and innovation, using smart and fast technologies for our customers to discover new ways of using energy”

– Simone Tripepi, Manager of Enel X Chile

Enel X wants to transform energy into innovative technological solutions to help companies, cities, and people around the world to produce new value through tools that help us make our dreams for the future come true. This transformation is symbolized in the four cursors that shape the X which represent its four main areas of action:

e-Industries: Transform companies through comprehensive projects, which include specialized advice, implementation, and monitoring of each service, in technologies related to energy efficiency, distributed generation, electrical projects, energy demand management, providing a differentiating value to each organization.

e-City: Transform the city to provide citizens with access to more useful and faster services, developing technological solutions related to public and artistic lighting, security systems, and energy efficiency, based on personalized and specialized customer service.

e-Home: Transform homes to be safer and more efficient, according to the particular needs of each home and family, through air conditioning services, efficient solutions for water heating, photovoltaic systems, led lighting, insurance and assistance, home automation, among others.

e-Mobility: Transform the means of transport, with an offer of products and services that promote the development of urban and interurban electric transport, charging infrastructure, and new technologies such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G).  In addition, it seeks to promote and support public electric transport by offering comprehensive solutions for carrier companies.

Thus, Enel X provides the kick-off to a New Power Economy. A model that includes digital solutions in services dedicated to connecting those agents that build a society: People, houses, companies, and cities, all wrapped in the same network marked by efficiency and where energy is not conceived as a raw material, but rather as a service becoming the basic element that binds the society of the future.