Open power to solve the world’s greatest challenges.


  1. Open power for more people
    We will expand our worldwide operations to reach more people and guarantee them sustainable power, with a special focus on Latin America and Africa.
  2. Open power for new technologies
    We will promote the development of more sustainable technologies to generate and distribute power, with particular interest in renewable energy and smart distribution networks. 
  3. Open power for new ways to manage services for people
    We will develop more services designed to meet people’s needs and help them to use and manage power more efficiently, particularly with smart meters and computerization.
  4. Open power for new uses
    We will develop new power-based services to address global challenges, paying particular attention to connectivity and electro-mobility.
  5. Open power for new partnerships
    We will join a network for research, technology, product development and marketing, to build new solutions together.

Our values

At Enel Chile, we are looking for people who are ready and able to take on challenges. People who think big every day and are free from prejudices, open to new ways of thinking and working and ready to share their hopes and challenges.

Regardless of whether they are professionals with experience or just starting out, we are fascinated by people who are not afraid to take risks, who learn from their mistakes and who are always open to facing new challenges.

The choice is yours. Start your journey with Enel Chile and share our values to be part of the power that will move the future.



We are looking for people who are passionate about sharing our dreams and willing to work hard to make them a reality. People who use their ambition to meet the challenges of climate change, who are committed to searching for new forms of clean power and who can help us in our mission to bring power to people who still do not have access to it.

“In dreams begins responsibility”

– William Butler Yeats


Let’s start by talking about transparency. Our success is the result of the trust that we build every day with the communities and people we work with around the world.

“When people are honest and proper, trust is always built”

– Abraham Lincoln


Being proactive means making things happen instead of just adapting to situations. We are looking for people who are always investigating ways of doing things better, who do not give up when they meet adversity and who see difficulties as true opportunities for growth.

“There’s a way to do it better . . . find it!”

– Thomas Alva Edison


At Enel Chile, we do not want the most advanced and creative ideas to stay on paper; we want them to contribute directly to improving people’s lives. If your ambition is to make the world a better place, we are the right place for you.

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is, ‘We’ve always done it this way’.”

– Grace Murray Hopper