Working at Enel means opening yourself to this new world and playing an active part in making a change, as a small company newly born to an established and successful giant. We are looking for people who are open to this challenge, ready to take new paths and experience a professional and personal adventure in which diversity, creativity, and excellence are not just aspirations, but rather daily experiences. 

Open Power takes in the way we live day to day in order to build our tomorrow: every day, every project, every task is an opportunity to discover new scenarios and become open to new ideas and solutions.

If you would like to work with us, you will pass through a selection process in which your CV, qualifications, skills, and experience are important factors, but not the only things we consider. 

We are also interested in your passions, talents, and aspirations. We firmly believe that diversity and individuality are the keys to guide the transformation of the energy sector and the creation of a new, more sustainable and reliable global development model.

We craft the future of energy. If you look to the horizon, and if you are ready to innovate and share your ideas, this is the place for you.