What does the program offer?

The program offers a wide range of free-of-charge activities such as information sessions, webinars, workshop, among other activities.

  • Financial Sphere

Increase the flexibility of the financial burden that suppliers must face when awarding a contract with Enel. The granting of this benefit is subject to a prior evaluation by Enel.

  • Training and Dissemination Services

The goal of this activity is to give support to our suppliers for a better understanding of Procurement processes.  Have a rewarding experience managing them, as well as giving visibility and dissemination to new business opportunities.

Through this program the suppliers will have access to general information. Will be able to know with major depth different thematic issues regarding the qualification process. How to provide services in a particular purchasing family or merchandising group (GM). And how the performance appraisal process is carried out (Supplier Performance Management- SPM). This program also increases the visibility of the tender program and made clear how Sustainability strategy is addresses.

For further information check the "Training and Webinars" section.

  • New Business Opportunities (Scouting)

This activity aims to identify and evaluate potential new vendors interested in providing services/supplies for Enel's strategic families in Chile. Expand new business opportunities to existing suppliers that have the appropriate skills to provide a service to Enel.

To participate in this activity, you must contact roberto.vergara@enel.com