Global Procurement

We are working to build strong and lasting relationships with our suppliers, based on trust and effectiveness. Our evolution in recent years has been parallel to their internationalisation and growth, and therefore, a global structure has been created that includes an operational model aligned with current business trends.

Global Procurement is a platform that aims to make the relationship between Enel Group and its suppliers the key to achieving leadership. This joint effort allows us to improve procurement services, offer better product and service quality, foster innovation, activate smart business programmes that help to find better solutions, and apply sustainability criteria in each process with our Global Sustainability Requirements Assessment Model.

Our objectives focus on three areas of action.

Know, qualify and evaluate

From the moment the supplier registers in the register, we focus on getting to know the supplier, detecting its strengths, the differential value that it can offer and the benefits it is able to provide, while also identifying areas for improvement.

Strong and trusting relationships

We develop supply tools and programmes that allow us to increase the efficiency and speed of processes in order to speed up and optimise daily procedures.

Sustainability as a cornerstone

All the company's processes must comply with our Sustainability policies or contribute to improving them. This is a key value in our synergistic relationships that offer the highest quality, foster innovation and play a role in raising awareness and improving performance as well as results.

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