Mandarin Oriental Santiago hotel and Enel X unveil the first sustainable rooftop garden during the latest edition of the carbon neutral experience program

Published on Thursday, 3 November 2022

  • The “Azotea Viva” project uses a rooftop photovoltaic system with a surface area of 290 m² for cultivating vegetables and also includes a glass greenhouse with an apiary. Fresh produce will be grown organically using the sun’s energy and served to guests at the hotel.


Santiago, November 3, 2022 - The second edition of the “Carbon Neutral Experience” Program was launched with the support of the Mandarin Oriental Santiago and in alliance with Enel X, Enel Generación, Transoceanic, and EnergyLab, during an event attended by Iván Moran, the Ministerial Secretary for Energy for the Santiago Metropolitan Region. In November, hotel guests will be offered a range of “zero-carbon emissions experiences," including transfers to and from the hotel in electric vehicles and dishes based on organic and sustainable ingredients cultivated with solar energy, all to neutralize their carbon footprint during their stay.

“Sustainability has become a strategic pillar for the hotel, and we have implemented a host of energy-efficient projects, a renewable energy supply, in addition to reducing waste, with monitoring of the hotel’s carbon footprint online since 2018 through the program,” said Claudio Leyton, Hotel Manager at Mandarin Oriental Santiago.

One major milestone is opening the first sustainable rooftop garden, which has a 21.6kWp photovoltaic system with an annual generation of 19.2MWh to provide energy for a greenhouse and lighting, taking full advantage of solar radiation. The project, implemented by Enel X, has an area of ​​290 m² and contemplates the cultivation of vegetables for the hotel’s dining areas, thus avoiding this type of product being transferred by suppliers who use fossil fuel-based transport. The glass greenhouse, complete with an apiary, paves the way for sustainable food production for guests. This project will reduce the hotel’s CO2 footprint by 7.5 tons per year, equivalent to planting 19 trees.

“Being an energy partner of Mandarin Oriental has allowed us to work on a range of energy efficiency projects, which have a common purpose, such as advancing in the fight against climate change, in this case neutralizing the carbon footprint of hotel guests. This photovoltaic solution is an example of awareness that will not only make it possible to address the commitment to caring for the environment but also to produce food more sustainably", assured Enel X’s General Manager, Karla Zapata.

The latest edition of the Carbon Neutral Experience Program will include a series of activations during November, coinciding with the COP27 climate summit, which will take place in Egypt at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, and whose main objective is to raise awareness about the rational use of natural resources and the neutralization of greenhouse gas emissions that result from the hotel’s operations. Offering stays that offset emissions during a guest’s stay.

“Sustainability is at the very heart of our business. We help our clients achieve their commitment to increase sustainable and environmentally friendly operations. Mandarin Oriental not only receives 100% renewable energy but also certifies it from its origin", said Alfredo Hott, Trading and Marketing Manager at Enel Generación.

The program will be complemented by other activities, such as the “Carbon Neutral Dinner” inspired by the zero-emission creations of Executive Banquet Chef Nicolás Peralta.

This year also sees the addition of “Carbon Neutral Golf," a tournament to be held at the San Cristóbal Polo and Equestrian Club.