ANFP and Enel X sign energy and sustainability alliance to implement projects at its sports facilities and associated clubs

Published on Thursday, 29 September 2022

  • The agreement aims to promote energy change in different sports facilities using clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions, thus paving the way for sustainable development for the National Association and various Chilean professional soccer clubs.
  • The agreement would also allow high-efficiency LED lighting in different stadiums in Chile to comply with CONMEBOL standards required for broadcasting matches on television.


Santiago, September 29, 2022.- Enel X and the National Professional Soccer Association (ANFP) signed an energy alliance to transform sports and Chilean professional soccer into sustainable activities. Both organizations aim to implement energy solutions and efficient electricity infrastructure to begin the path towards the sustainability of their facilities and those of their 45 associated clubs.

The initial milestone is a complete assessment and diagnosis of ANFP sports and administrative facilities, consisting of consumption and infrastructure analysis, which allows the design of tailor-made solutions to generate concrete efficiencies, determining the potential for change and implementation of sustainable energy projects. The General Manager of Enel X Chile, Karla Zapata, and ANFP President Pablo Milad were in attendance for the new alliance.

Both emphasized their commitment to move towards sustainable development, considering the adverse local and international environmental context. Renewable energies are a fundamental tool for combating the climate crisis and water scarcity and advancing flexible and efficient photovoltaic, lighting, water, thermal, and electromobility solutions.

Karla Zapata, Enel X Chile's general manager, said, "we must address energy transition challenges together by generating alliances such as the one we are celebrating today. This first-of-its-kind initiative has great development potential as visions are shared with the ANFP to achieve sustainability, such as the sports facilities and venues linked to Chilean soccer".

ANFP President Pablo Milad emphasized, "An alliance between Chilean soccer and Enel X is a giant step towards the necessary modernization for the days we live in. Enel X and its team of professionals will help us improve our facilities through sustainable and efficient energy, which will improve the ANFP's facilities and be available to all Chilean soccer and its clubs".

Both parties expressed interest in sustainable infrastructure projects related to sports, incorporating proper energy use, fossil fuel displacement, cost optimization, and promoting environmental standards through intelligent and efficient lighting solutions, energy efficiency systems, and electromobility.

This alliance would allow the implementation of high-efficiency LED lighting in Chile's stadiums, complying with CONMEBOL standards for broadcasting matches on television.

To this end, the ANFP and Enel X join forces to create mechanisms and instruments for reciprocal cooperation. Their efforts aim to move towards an energy route for sustainable sports development, to achieve energy and cultural transformation, decarbonizing and electrifying the operation of the ANFP's own sports venues and those of its associated clubs.