Air conditioners – the most sustainable way to heat your home

Published on Monday, 25 July 2022

  • Enel X and Samsung partner in promoting air conditioners as a versatile and economical way to heat your home.


Santiago, July 25, 2022 - During this wet and cold winter, where low temperatures have been felt throughout most of Chile, households have been looking for ways to heat the home without breaking the bank.

One option that has been gaining popularity in recent years is air conditioners due to their adaptability, low environmental impact, and moderate energy consumption compared to other heating devices.

According to Samsung Chile, air conditioning systems can be used all year round, maintaining a controlled temperature throughout the year's four seasons. The company recommends keeping the house at 21 degrees to ensure efficient consumption.

Unlike firewood, whose use is restricted in the center and south of the country, or paraffin, which is subsidized, electric heating helps reduce indoor and urban pollution, lowering the incidence of respiratory diseases in children and the elderly and improving the overall quality of life.

"As it is not a fuel, electricity is the only energy source that does not pollute inside or outside the home. Therefore it safeguards the environment and health of children, adolescents, and the elderly, who can enjoy clean and efficient heating at an affordable price," said Karla Zapata, General Manager of Enel X.

Study results

The Sustainable Heating Guide by the Environment Ministry has shown that air conditioners are the most economical heating option on the market over the medium term. According to the study, heating an average household of 57m2 for eight hours a day running an air conditioner would add approximately $23,000 pesos to the monthly electricity bill (price value 2022). This contrasts with liquefied natural gas, which would cost around $55,000 pesos per month under the same conditions. This reference cost does not include the value of the equipment nor its installation by qualified personnel.

Electricity is the most efficient and sustainable source of energy. As it is non-combustible and does not generate indoor pollutants, it is favorable to health conditions for family members and helps decontaminate the city.

The fact that air conditioners do not pollute the home gains relevance in contexts like that of Covid-19, where people have been spending more time at home and aim to avoid respiratory illnesses by maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

Programmable models

Samsung air conditioners - also marketed through, have sophisticated functions for taking care of your health and providing added comfort. The latter includes the Triple Protection Filter, which reduces viruses, bacteria, and airborne allergens, and the exclusive Wind-Free technology, which cools without causing annoying gusts of air.

Another great advantage of the latest air conditioners is the incorporation of higher density filters that trap more dust particles, fibers, and animal hair.

One of the main differentiators of split air conditioners is their versatility, being just as helpful during the summer in cooling mode as in winter, meaning that consumers enjoy the benefits of this integral solution all year round.

Another differentiator is that they can be controlled directly from a smartphone to regulate the temperature in the home or monitor energy consumption, as well as issue alerts for when to activate the cleaning mode.

About Enel X

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